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Hi all- I know this is a bit off-subject but heres a link to my new Charley's War website. Charley's War was of course the best story in Battle and was created by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun

Well worth a visit folks!

Far from off topic Neil, Charleys war crops up quite often from time to time here and even makes it into the 2000AD top twenty, when we all know he fought for the other side (Battle).



Yes, that's a case of me sneaking him onto the site because of the Titan reprints, despite the fact that he isn't really to do with 2000AD...unless Rebellion can buy the reprint rights and run Charley's War in the Megazine.

I'm thinking of sneaking Jeff Hawke and Garth on too, for the same reason (though I doubt they'll make it to the top 20).


Ol^ Marbles:
Yeh its a great site thats well worth a visit.

Mebbe it could be added to the links section of this site as well ??

One thing I'd like to see is a site where all the uncredited artists on these old comics are credited.  All the artists, and maybe more difficult, the writers.

A British comics industry, as with most things you don't miss it till its gone.


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