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Any other lovers of low budget b-movie fodder on here?

Just discovered this gem is on youtube Persuaded a bunch of friends to watch it this evening for a virtual movie night - I'm not convinced everyone got it, lol.

A serial killer goes on a quest to save his kidnapped bride from the evil Baron Nefarious and his Zombitron. Unnecessary nudity, excessive jam and zero sanity.

Only 31 minutes, but Kung Fury is brilliant, in the "it's intentionally terrible but really funny" sense of the word.


Also Father's Day (2011, 91 minutes) is fun if you like this kind of thing (and you should).

Father's Day is great - the Astron 6 guys are great, it's a shame they stopped making films.

The FP2: Beats of Rage

Rival Gangs play Dance-Dance Revolution in a Post Apocalyptic world for control of the Alcohol Supply...

Colin YNWA:
Watched Bronx Warriors the other day. Terrible nonsense but very entertaining... in that derivative way. So much so I've tracked down the sequel.


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