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I loved the dummy issue zero of AD 2000...

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I just love unearthing weird curios.
I should have remembered your excellent work uncovering the Zarjaz logo David. (Beyond 2000AD, right?)

Whilst I've got your attention/s, has any artists ever had a go at drawing this?

Leigh S:
You'd think someone would ahve hadd a shot at it, wouldnt you?

You couldnt really print it anywhere I dont think, without the Great Magus's approval

Not seen anything on the interweb though.  Maybe it could be a Forum project?  Different artists for each panel?

The idea of each artist doing a panel - and then maybe auctioning it off for charity is genius.
You're correct though if it wasn't commissioned then it still belongs to Alan.

Interestingly the Thrillcast with Robin Smith explained that the Zarjaz mock-up was just done with material that had already been released - i think he mentioned Redondo's Nemesis Book 2

This is the same method Dez Skinn seems to have favouted with his Warrior 0

Id still be interested in them...


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