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A little more love to both sides on this one. Ultimately though a pretty straightforward result as

Sancho Panzer

keeps on track for Round 3.


Not too much to report here except the obvious that there wasn't too much love for Valkyries and


will be a hulking presence in Round 3.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 22 January, 2022, 10:24:20 PM »
Grand Budapest Hotel

Okay - look bare with me, I promise I'll explain. I have for a long time claimed to be a BIG Wes Anderson fan. I count both Rushmore and Life Aquatic in my top ten films and yet... yet.... I'd never seen Grand Budapest Hotel.

See it came hot on the heels of the disappointment that is Darjeeling Limited... well okay it didn't BUT in my head it did. See we had our first child in 2009 and so everything after Darjeeling got merged into a blob of not getting to the cinema cos kids and so I missed Moonrise Kingdom and this - Fantastic Mister Fox I caught up with quicker than the other two as it fell into the anthropomorphic talking animals films I watched exclusively for like 7 years. ANYWAY so yeah I missed and while I caught up with Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest Hotel had such a good rep that I seemed to stall on seeing it - there was no way it could live up to my expectations and I didn't like the clips I saw of it - weird I know.

ANYWAY finally got around to it and for the first 20 minutes was convinced I was right and it was going to be a chore to get through... and then it turned, I chilled out and I chuffin' loved it. I have to be honest largely that is of course due to Ralph Fiennes superb turn as M Gustava. Its just astonishing and M Gustava is one of the great characters of cinema on first viewing. He holds together many great performances I have to say. The story is superb. I'll be honest it reminded me in some ways of an early John Irving book. Not 100% sure why, but it did. The tale flexs and turns into wonderful Anderson-positive places and it was just a delight.

I think I need to watch it again without the weight of my doubts, expectations and 8 years wondering why I hadn't got around to watching it.

I will get around to French Dispatch sooner!

Prog / Prog 2266 - Power Surge!
« on: 22 January, 2022, 09:04:10 PM »
Well I guess the big news this Prog is even with 'Brimful' on the inside cover Tharg still managed to squeeze in a letter's page, even if a certain S. Watson can't squeeze in a new letter.

Well ACTUALLY the big new is how chuffin' brilliant Dredd is. Niemand and Goddard deliever more breathless action as Monas' race is run. There's a fantastic dollop of set up on the final page as well. Just classic Dredd.

Proteus Vex follows hard on Dredd's heels with more mindbending world building and then some hardcore action. Superb stuff.

The Order is a mixed bag - on the main its strong stuff, but John M Burns who seems to have been able to cope with anything and everything that KeK-W has thrown at him in this series seems to have found his limit when it comes to making Sludge Gideon look good. The Cassie starts a new journey - one I think might soon coincide with the journey through the time wastes - and then we get a nice idea in the 'Reef of Lost Automata' but... well is that Walter we see? Is this going to be another excuse for needless crossovers? Let's wait and see.

Kingmaker has Crixus kick serious ass, so the baddies just throw in the next level bosses to see what they can do - the art is all very shiny but still works.

Saphir2 looks lovely but is steadfastly okay. There's some good ideas in here. I'm just not sure why I should care yet.

Good Prog with splashes of greatness.

We can us your vote Cosh backs the decision!

Last chance to vote in the last vote of the first week of Round 2. Before we get to the second week, which will turn up the heat! I'll count this one up in the morning.

Quite quiet on this on this more recent votes at the end of this week not quite getting the attention as the earlier ones. So I reckon there are plenty of folks out there waiting to vote, which you can do before I tote up in the morning.


A lot more support for Brit-Cit Babes than I was expecting, maybe I need to return to it to is if there is more to it then I remember. That said it would have to have a LOT more to it than I remember to mean its better than the recent and  wonderful

Counterfeit Girl

Seems to remember going into Round 3


Bloody hell you lot make ya mind up will ya! Five ties in and we have our second draw and a need for me to step in. I'm so tempted to scream Tharg's Alien Invasions as I adore Henry Flint and this grabs his glorious madness in a tiny capsule. BUT it is tiny and

A one-two punch from Smith & Phillips that would leave an indelible mark on David Lynch's temple.


Danzig's Inferno

confuses everyone by getting into Round 3

Prog / Re: Prog 2265: Worlds at War
« on: 21 January, 2022, 06:58:46 PM »
Check out my full spoilers review of prog 2265 here -

Ohhhh its Comicbook Sam - welcome aboard. Been enjoying the Flusb (spelling???) for some time now. Though would ya read Proteus Vex already its GREAT! Lovely to see you here.

Books & Comics / Re: Bargains/deals thread (?)
« on: 21 January, 2022, 09:06:56 AM »
Can heartly recommend Bouncer included in that Humble Bundle. A brilliant, hard and dusty western.

Just today now and then we'll call this one. The result however seems pretty clear already.

Tiny time left to vote for these tiny thrills. I'll give the teeny score tomorrow.


This one wasn't as close as I thought at first. At least by vote count. It does however mark how harsh this round will be at times. Two days in and we lose a second thrill that with a kinder draw would have deserved a Round 3 birth. Chiaroscuro is a great thriil. Its genuinely creepy and scary, dark and moves into really unpleasent territory without being sensationlist. It has however come up against an undervalued John Smith classic. Leatherjack might not be quite as good as Firekind but damn its close and


will continue to tell its tale into Round 3.


Cut and dry this one and little surprise. Low Life is a magnificent thrill that introduced so much that weaves through Rob Williams' Dredd world work. It's initital ensemble cast really gave so much and is masked a little by what a breakout star Crazy Frank became. And that art by D'Israeli - wow. Deadlock and Nemesis in contrast took two established characters and managed to make them less interesting - quite the reverse and the vote kinda show that as

Low Life

goes undercover into Round 3.

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