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Author Topic: Jump on board with 2000 AD – Prog 2250 out 22 September with SEVEN new Thrills!  (Read 1835 times)


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Mick superbly demonstrating what a stupid idea the boot holster is.

The Enigmatic Dr X

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That image of Dredd by Mick McMahon, is it from a Judge Dredd musical? Looks like he's dancing. Quite poor pose.


Anderson, too
Lock up your spoons!

Funt Solo

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Another thing is that I can not wait to see how Lee Carter draws Anderson. Hopefully like an “old hag” just to silent the “she looks like a 21-year-old babe” crowd.

Yeah, because that’s definitely the only two options available

++ map ++ thrills ++ coma ++


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Exactly, you’ve got option 3: the one on the left.