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Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files vol. 42 - coming August 2023

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Each volume is ~6 months of stories, so 2022's stories would be in volumes 73 and 74.

All 40 currently released volumes seem to be in stock on the 2000AD store (except for Volume 1, weirdly, but that one is very easy to find elsewhere):

Lawman of the Present:

--- Quote from: AlexF on 29 September, 2022, 10:34:15 AM ---Case Files is already enough material that if I ever decide to read through them all again from Volume 1, by the time I got to Vol. 41 it would be years later and I'd be all ready to start from the beginning again
--- End quote ---

Can confirm. I got to Volume 30 before I decided to go all-in on the expanded universe, and buy the other characters' stories. Once I had those, I began reading through the complete canon chronologically from the earliest point in the timeline. About a third of Mega Collection volumes contained Dreddverse stories never before collected in trade form, then there's the other character GNs, Daily Dredds, Dredd novels, audio dramas, canon IDW miniseries etc.

Aside from the occasional story which remains uncollected (like the older Hershey stories and text stories) I've now read everything produced in the Dreddverse from pre-Case Files 1 in the timeline all the way up to Vol 32 (I'm currently replaying Dredd vs. Death set in 2122).

I'd bought Vol 31 new when it first came out in 2018 and have only just read it - so that's four years so far, covering about 25 years worth of content.

That's really impressive. Any favorite hidden gems that don't get talked about often?


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