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Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 14 December, 2018, 12:40:29 pm »

Very good film. Slow burn in the first hour, but necessary and then loses it's shit (in a good way) in the second hour.

As a seasoned horror fan, for at least forty years, there were four sequences that sent genuine chills up my spine. Compare this to The Sixth Sense where this happened twice.

Has a good 'Rosemary's Baby' vibe to it.

Recommended if you like creepy horror.


I mostly agree, although it seemed a bit muddled at times, but maybe some processing will iron that out. A brilliant performance from Toni Collette plus an unsettling atmosphere from the start make this an overall hit.

Watched this recently too; some of it is horrifying in a way that has seeped into my brain and made me uneasy for days.

These bits were the family's reaction to the awful decapitation though, and the fact that the poor mam had to find Charlie's body in the car.

Things get a little bit silly when people start flying and chalks write on boards though, and I can't help thinking it would have been better without the supernatural elements at all (in a Kill List kind of way, perhaps).

In a light year for horror, Hereditary has to top most lists.
I agree that it could have been improved- maybe with a little bit of restraint, but I quite enjoyed it.
The re-watch too, only then catching the occult sigil on the specific telephone pole that decapitates little demon Charlie.

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 14 December, 2018, 12:16:18 pm »
I'm WWW, which is even worse.

*Holds severed head with 'RRR' tattoo during Quickening pyrotechnics* - There can be only one

General / Re: 2000 AD Message Board Cover of the Year Vote 2018
« on: 11 December, 2018, 01:49:09 pm »
My votes:

1st Place; Prog 2078 by Ezquerra. An iconic shot of Johnny dishing out some death. Great colouring and detail by the much missed King.
2nd Place; Prog 2087 by McCarthy. Dunno why I like this so much. The bizarreness of it? The unusual colouring? I just dig it man.
3rd Place; Prog 2098 by Millgate. Great 90's-tastic painted Dredd. Get this Droid back in the Prog.

Film & TV / Re: Christmas Telly?
« on: 11 December, 2018, 01:35:04 pm »
Orville s2 also starts on the 28th.

Surprised they could raise the budget for a second season- McFarlane's hair and teeth alone cost the same as 26 episodes of Voyager.

*Glad to hear that its back, I quite enjoyed the first season.

General / Re: 2000AD Original Art Thread
« on: 04 December, 2018, 06:06:21 pm »
Bought this from Voldemort on ebay for £200. The Alabammy Blimps.

Worth it for the skulls in the first panel alone.
Lovely vintage Dillon.

Film & TV / Re: Christmas Telly?
« on: 04 December, 2018, 06:00:17 pm »
If you like a ghost story this time of year, there's a one-off half hour spooky tale called The Dead Room on Christmas Eve, BBC 4, written by Mark Gatiss and starring Simon Callow.


That is very welcome news indeed.
I thought 2013's The Tractate Middoth was the last time we'd ever get A ghost Story for Christmas.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 03 December, 2018, 11:41:23 am »

Most unsettling dream/nightmare for me - one of those that seems to keep going all night, waking me up every hour or two. Yeesh.

You're still dreaming Sharky.

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 28 November, 2018, 10:44:53 am »
We've a €100 Million cheque to clear lads, lets show those overseas investors just how damn popular we are!

Molch-R; to the account cloning facility!

Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« on: 28 November, 2018, 10:26:44 am »
Most Online Ever: 980 (10 November, 2018, 10:23:59 pm)

2:1 on loony speculation of "Russian Bots".

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 28 November, 2018, 09:46:48 am »
Currently re-enjoying Diablo 3 with my wife on the Switch. Truly excellent, although the radial gear menu certainly takes some getting used to.

Never played a Diablo game in my life, but the Switch version does look very cool.

Even if I don't end up getting it for a while, I couldn't help but order the forthcoming Amiibo tie-in and instant objet de désir: https://www.gamestop.ie/Other%20Products/Games/71029/amiibo-diablo-loot-goblin

WTF even is a 'Loot Goblin'? I'll find out someday soon.

Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« on: 28 November, 2018, 12:37:36 am »
Judge Dredd Toxic 2 is just so muh

Spot on unfortunately Colin.
How does IDW keep missing the target?

Get Al Ewing or Matt Smith back on board for the next mini, or at least a writer with a grip on the character.

Still waiting on a 22 page IDW Dredd comic by Carroll, Williams, Rennie or even the promising McConville Droid.

Megazine / Re: Meg 402 - All Along the Watchtower...
« on: 28 November, 2018, 12:27:12 am »
Has anyone else got a copy of the Meg with a bunch of the back pages mangled and big chunks of the corners torn off?  It was sealed in a bag and there's nothing wrong with the Carlos tribute floppy that was in front of it, so I presume it happened at the printers and just wondered if it was a one-off.
mine had a chunk out of the side of it before packaging by the look of it

...and the tribute floppy with mine has a small tear at the bottom of the first few pages. Definitely something gone wrong somewhere.

The infamous jagged edge effect,  innit?

Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« on: 27 November, 2018, 06:06:33 pm »

Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« on: 27 November, 2018, 06:04:18 pm »
I'm just remembering watching that episode on broadcast with a bunch of friends just before we all started college. A different life!

Same cardigan.

Film & TV / Re: TWD series 9
« on: 27 November, 2018, 06:02:41 pm »
Really enjoyed last nights mid-season finale.
Shocked by the death of Jesus- didn't see that one coming.
Another reminder that while this series has been a very faithful adaptation, there are some big differences with the ensemble.

I'll honestly admit, I thought that The Whisperer's were an eye-rollingly stupid idea when they were first introduced in the comic series.
So ludicrous that I just couldn't imagine the show-runners using that story-line (I think I even speculated that the garbage dump group were intended as their replacement).
Anyway- I was wrong on both counts. They pulled it off.
Looking forward to the series return in 2019.

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