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Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« Last post by ming on Today at 09:18:14 am »
Scott Walker...   Time to put Scott 2 on tonight, methinks (not that I ever need an excuse).
General / Re: Drokk!! - a rival to SpaceSpinner 2000??
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 08:28:08 am »
Not finished this yet, in fact only half way through, so should probably finish before commenting... if I don't do this now though I'll lose sight of what I want to say and never get around to it, and I want to say its fascinating and at times infuriating.

Now to be far worth saying I adore 'Cursed Earth'. It came out when I was 6 and along with Flesh probably helped shape my view of what good entertainment is. I remember it feeling so special and important at that time. So when folks find a way to pick out faults with something so fundamental to my mindset my heckles naturally raise, powered by nostaglia. That said in hyper-analysing the tale Jeff and Graeme often seem to lose sight of what the story is. that being a wonderfully crafted action adventure for 6-12 years old created the 70s. A couple of examples of this really stood out to me this time.

First they are right in saying that the story isn't really a single story, but a premise on which to hang together a series of fantastic smaller tales into one whole. That said it does have a very effective spine that I think it works really well, in a way the Luna City stories doesn't. Luna One isn't a story from which to hang those smaller tales on its a scene shift it is just the premise. The overarching narrative of Cursed Earth remains consistantly there even if as secondary to the stories within.

What I think they miss is that the story is told and the ending is fantastic. They suggest that they story is the fight to cure Mega City 2 and that aspect is lost at the end. For me that was never the case. The idea of the disease ravaging MC1s twin city isn't the point, that's just an excuse to craft the story, which is the journey. The continue struggle to get there. not what happens when they get there which is utterly secondary. The Mega City 2 stuff is just the thing that thrown to 6 - 12 year olds to allow them to suspend belief to allow themselves to get pulled into that journey. It doesn't have to watertight as it just needs to sate the appetite of that specific audience and therefore 'The Legion of the Damned' and the final episode struggle from Dredd himself are just perfect. The struggle against 2-T-Fru-T (spelling?) isn't needed and isn't the point and would drag the ending away from the point of the story, the journey.

Another example is Spikes, they comment on the fact that he's just not a punk, he's the 'Emerson Lake and Palmer' fan's vision of such and of course he isn't. He's the 6-12 year old 2000ad fans vision of a punk. That is the scary, ununderstandable other as portrayed my the media and Mums of the time. A terrfiying rebel who can't be trusted and again as such perfect for the story as told in its context.

Likewise they do Tweak a massive disservice. Sure he's there to allow the tale of slavery to stand in the story and he works well for that. But he's also a cool anteater super-guy to emphasis man's humanity to anteater super-guys and ultimately man to entertain and thrill 6-12 year old boys. He may be bland in hindsight but he was so cool at the time and so in my eyes, clouded by nostaglia tinted spectacales, he remains so.

Now of course its great fun and I certainly do it a lot, to review these kids stories through a contempory lens and our modern sensibilities and a good story written for 6-12 years old should and can stand up to heavy scrutiny if its done well. In doing that however its important to remember the context and audience that story was crafted in and for me Cursed Earth passes that test really well and some of the questions the podcast raises seem to drift from that.

All that said the fact I have so much to say about the Podcast just goes to show what a great job they are doing in casting their clearly intelligent eye over the story and making me react in my defensive unnecessary way...

... but there had to say it.

Have to also so I'm really looking forward to listening to the second half.

Great, if infuriating, job!
General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by SpaceSpinner2000 on Today at 05:20:31 am »

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone!

In our thrilling hundred and fifty-first episode Fox and Conrad continue their journey through the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with Progs 475-478 of 2000AD, covering June and July of 1986. This time Strontium Dog heads to the mines, Bad City Blows, Judge Anderson makes a hard decision, and Ace Trucking can’t stop here, this is Rambo country!

Direct Download
Or on your favorite podcast app!

Please let me know what you think of the episode!
Film & TV / Re: ‘Love, Death & Robots’ on Netflix.
« Last post by pauljholden on Today at 01:09:56 am »
Watched all of this, like many I was ready to bail early as the first episode (at least in the order I got them in) was a pretty grim 90s teenage boy nonsense that, despite probably some cutting edge cgi still managed to feel dated.

I thought it was great, I’m ready to forgive and forget any bad because there’s so much good. I wish more episodes where animated rather than cgi (or, at least, used the cgi in some new way rather than being a very good looking cut scene).

More of this, please.

And yes, my god, why aren’t rebellion producing something like this? Take the Alan Moore future shocks and just animate each one as its own distinct style...

Prog / Re: Prog 2124 - The New Normal
« Last post by Richard on 24 March, 2019, 11:23:31 pm »
I took it to mean it was the end of the current series, rather than the end forever.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by radiator on 24 March, 2019, 11:13:11 pm »
Time for a Hail Mary.  If you don't sign this I will find you.

Christ! Alright, Liam. Laying it on a bit thick, like....

Over a million have signed, and website has crashed again.

My hopes aren't too high (and obviously as a foreigner I can't sign it) but 5 million signatures is impressive.

I saw some Tory minister dismiss it the other day, sarcastically saying 'let's take a look when it passes 17.4m' to smug laughter.

At this point I think it was still in the hundreds of thousands.

It's 5.3m now and (I would guess) will probably top out around 6m, but how funny would it be if it actually did surpass 17.4m?
Prog / Re: Prog 2124 - The New Normal
« Last post by IndigoPrime on 24 March, 2019, 10:46:39 pm »
I’m surprised this is seemingly being billed as the end of Grey Area. Has Abnett had enough?
Film & TV / Re: ‘Love, Death & Robots’ on Netflix.
« Last post by junox on 24 March, 2019, 10:40:50 pm »
Fantastic surprise series 

Rebellion Studios take note 
You can upload it to something like imgur and then just late a link.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by IndigoPrime on 24 March, 2019, 09:20:23 pm »
It was pretty fucking awesome in London yesterday too. Obviously bigger than the first march when you were immersed in it. Mostly because it moved at the speed of an asthmatic slug.
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