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Subscriber Gift 2022 - Star-Lord Badge


As always the devil is in the detail but given my failing eyesight I might not be seeing clearly.  So it says print combo-subscribers will get the Leach collection, Star-Lord badge and 50% voucher.  Is that monthly and annual or just annual (I know in the past you've had to be an annual subscriber for some of the freebies). 

Just asking for a friend who has a monthly subscription and would dearly love to add the badge to his complete collection of Star-Lord #1's with stickers ...

Either monthly or annual, to both comics.

... and my friend is a very happy bunny.  Badge arrived today and now takes pride of place alongside the rest of the Starlord collection.

Leigh S:
yeah. mine turned up too - very snazzy, much nicer than I imagined it would be!


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