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Classifieds / New year clear-out: 2000 AD/Dredd/Marvel/etc.
« on: 02 January, 2018, 08:22:03 pm »
Loads of stuff here. Collect from GU51 (M3, J4a) or I can post/courier at cost. Feel free to make offers on several items if you like. Note the couple of free bundles. First come, first served…

2016 - £0 with any order
2017 - £0 with any order

# SUBSCRIPTION STUFF - £offers welcome

4x 2000 AD logo badges - £25
4x art prints (Deadlock by Langley; Defoe by Gallagher; Inaba by Quitely; Dredd by Staples) - £20
MC-1 Justice Department notebook - £5
Judge Dredd Mega Collection ceramic coffee mug - £5


Axe Cop - £3
BRPD Universal Machine - £4
Hellblazer Original Sins, 1992 print - £4
Heroes vol 1 HB - £3
Judge Dredd Annual 1985 - £4
Judge Dredd Mega Collection 60: Hondo Cit Justice - £6
Locke & Key 1 hardback (OOP) - £10
Transformers Escalation/Spotlight 1/Stormbringer/Infiltration - £3 ea
Ultimates 1+2 - £5
Ultimates annuals - £3
Ultimate FF 1–3 - £3 ea
Ultimate Iron Man HB   - £3
Usagi Yojimbo 24 - £4
Walking Dead 1+2 - £5 ea


Armitage 1-2 Quality Comics cardback - £2
Brit-Cit Babes Quality ed - £2
Dandy last ever - £10
Judge Dredd Megazine 72, Dec 2000 - £1
Marshal Law 1-6 - £5
Rogue Trooper 41, Quality Comics - £1
Royals 1-6 (complete run) - £3
Sláine Poster Prog 1 - £3
Dredd Poster Prog 1 - £3
Placebo/Dark Judges Poster Prog 1 - £1
Astonishing Spider-Man 6.1 - £3
Astonishing Spider-Man 6.2 - £3
Avengers Unconquered 7 - £3
Avengers Unconquered 8 - £3
Deadpool Unleashed 1 - £15
Wolverine & Deadpool 1 - £3


Guardians of the Galaxy 43 - £5

Books & Comics / MOVED: HELP with collection for sale
« on: 16 September, 2017, 11:05:03 pm »

Prog / Prog 2033: I am the resurrection
« on: 26 May, 2017, 02:05:12 pm »
A Friday Prog. Bar post-Christmas issues showing up early, I think that's a first. Not had a proper read yet, but lovely to see a little Edmund Bagwell tribute on he Nerve Centre page, and Brendan McCarthy is back on Dredd! \o/

Oh, and it's the last part of Fall of Deadworld. Boo, hiss, and all that. (But it will return. Oh yessssss.)

Books & Comics / Robert Kirkman tropes
« on: 29 September, 2016, 10:15:52 am »
In some Humble Bundle or other, I got hold of the first Invincible compendium. It's a comic I'd always been interested in (I got a few free issues a long time ago) but I'd been put off by Walking Dead. Although I enjoy the Walking Dead TV show (well, enjoy might be a stretch much of the time, but it's generally compelling), I found the comic leaden, tiresome, and full of minutiae, over-long unnatural dialogue, and a weird obsession with teenage romance.

Invincible, though, starts really well. It's a breath of fresh air that at once feels rather subversive, but that's also extremely accessible. It's superheroes done right. At least at first. At about the halfway point of the compendium, I notice the same problems I found in Walking Dead appear. We get pages of rambling dialogue, loads of screen time given over to dull relationship wrangling with the depth and insight of a 14-year-old. Some of the plots are still decent as I approach the end, but it's strange that yet I find I'm initially really interested in a Kirkman book, before figuring I might not even continue reading.

Looking at the timelines, it does feel a bit like he suddenly lacked time when juggling both. The thing the latter issues in the compendium lack is refinement. It feels like there's no editing going on – no-one there saying "you know, less can be more".

So are the mid-30s and 40s in Invincible 'it' for how the writing continues, or does it freshen up again? Perhaps I just don't gel with Kirkman's writing style!

Books & Comics / Transformers: partworks in disguise
« on: 23 September, 2016, 10:20:16 am »
So it looks like Hachette's warming up a Transformers collection. It talks about "remastered stories and exclusive bonus content" and word is Furman's been editing. The first four issues are pretty good on the whole: the rather fab Target 2006, IDW's fairly decent Stormbringer, The Primal Scream (TF origins), and Edge of Extinction (Unicron Saga). Issue five, though, is War Within – an unfinished chunk of the unfinished Dreamwave series.

Rumblings on Transformers forums have questioned the viability of this series, but I can't imagine Transformers doesn't have the nostalgia factor and fan base to succeed. I'm interested, though, in where they are sourcing the material. IDW's Classics books are on the whole dreadful, artwork on the US books ruined by boneheaded remastering, and the UK books with weirdly tiny art (double gutters) and poor scanning. I know Dredd partwork subscribers have grumbled about the repro there now and again, but, really, it's nothing on the IDW Transformers books.

Anyway, good to see Hachette's still trying new things rather than just flinging out Marvel books again and again. And I must admit that if I see issue 1 knocking around anywhere locally for two quid, that at least will be a must-buy.

General / Storing 2000 AD GN paperbacks and avoiding bend – help!
« on: 10 September, 2016, 12:05:58 am »
I have a lot of paperback trades, many of which are 2000 AD books. These are on IKEA Billy cases in our den. I've noticed of late that quite a few books are curved/bent, presumably due to the spines being wider and sturdier than the rest. Over time, I only imagine this will get worse. In some cases, it's already pretty bad.

So does anyone here have any tips for storage? (Beyond "only buy hardbacks in future", natch.)

Megazine / Meg 375: Crazy Train
« on: 13 August, 2016, 11:41:36 am »
Double wraparound cover for Lawless, which very much needs to be collected—and soon. This was a breathless and exciting double-length penultimate episode, in what for me has become the Meg's standout strip. But fuck me, there was a lot of shitting swearing in the fucking thing. Fuck! (No drokks in the colony planets, apparently.) Looks like Damned is ending next month, too. So 'all change' for 377 (although what's coming looks pretty good).

UPDATED APRIL 16, 2017 //

Lots of comics and books below. Post at cost or free collection from GU51 (very near M3 J4a - north-east Hampshire). Photos on request via email. £offers for any items will be considered.


# 2000 AD Graphic novels

Banzai Battalion (A4 softback edition) / £4
Judge Anderson PSI Files 1–3 / £8 each
Judge Death: Young Death, My Name is Death (both out of print) / £5 each
Judge Dredd: Chief Judge's Man / £5
The Taxidermist / £5

Doomsday for Dredd / £4
Doomsday for Mega-City One / £4


2000 AD comics and misc.

2000 AD art prints (Dredd/Inaba/Deadlock/Defoe) / £10
Judge Dredd Mega Collection coasters and metal tin / £10
Judge Dredd MC-1 Department notebook / £5

2000 AD Free Comic Book Day 2016 / free with any order over £20

Best of 2000 AD monthly (44 comics) - £1 each, £15 or £offers for the lot
20, 21, 40, 41, 43, 47-54, 56-58, 60, 63, 64, 66, 68-72, 74-76, 81, 84-86, 91-93, 99, 100, 103-106, 110, 114, 118

Judge Dredd Annual: 1985 / £3
Judge Dredd Annual: 1990 / crinkled covers - £free with any order over £20

Judge Dredd Megazine 3.72 (Dec 2000) - £1

Poster Prog: Judge Dredd 1 - £5
Poster Prog: Placebo - £5
Poster Prog: Slaine 1 - £5

Quality Comics: Armitage 1, 2 - £2
Quality Comics: Brit-Cit Babes - £1
Quality Comics: Nemesis the Warlock 1–19 (complete run) - £10
Quality Comics: Rogue Trooper 41 - £1



Axe Cop - £4
BPRD 6: The Universal Machine - £5
Death's Head, vol 1 - £5
Hellblazer: Original Sins (1992 edition) - £5
Heroes, vol 1 HB - £5
Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft HARDBACK (now OOP) - £5
Usagi Yojimbo 24: Return of the Black Soul - £5
Walking Dead, vols 1 & 2 - £4 each

## Marvel Mightiest Heroes
27: Black Widow / £5
70: Spider-Girl (shrinkwrapped) / £5
70: Spider-Girl (cut across rear cover) / £3

## Marvel Ultimates - £25 for all, or individually as priced

* Annuals, vol 1 / £4
* Fantastic Four, 1–3 / £10
* Iron Man HB / £4
* Marvel team-up / £4
* Ultimates, 1–2 / £8

## Transformers (IDW) (4 books): £10 for them all, or as priced

* Infiltration / £4
* Stormbringer / £4
* Escalation / £4
* Spotlight (1) / £4


# Abaddon Books – 31 books in all / £20 for them all - that's 65p per book!

Prose fiction paperbacks, from Rebellion's indie book imprint.

## Afterblight Chronicles

* Arrowhead
* Broken Arrow
* Dawn Over Doomsday
* Death Got No Mercy
* Kill or Cure
* Operation Motherland
* School's Out
* The Culled

## Dreams of Inan

* A Kind of Peace / creased spine from reading
* Stealing Life
* The Worm that Wasn't

## The Infernal Game

* Cold Warriors

## Pax Britannia

* El Sombra
* Evolution Expects
* Human Nature
* Leviathan Rising
* Unnatural History

## Sniper elite

* Spear of Destiny

## Tomes of the Dead

* Anno Mortis
* Death Hulk
* Devil's Plague, The
* Hungry Hearts
* I, Zombie
* Tide of Souls
* Way of the Barefoot Zombie
* Words of Their Roaring

## Twilight of Kerberos

* Call of Kerberos, The
* Clockwork King of Orl, The
* Crucible of the Dragon God
* Engines of the Apocalypse
* Night's Haunting


# Misc books and comics

DK Transformers ultimate guide HB / £4
DK Spider-Man Ultimate Guide / £4

Doctor Who: Aliens and Enemies, Monsters and Villains / £4
Garfield Selection, The / £4
The Simpsons, Complete Guide & Simpsons Forever / £4

Astonishing Spider-Man 1 and 2 (latest volume) / £3 each
Dandy: "The last ever" / £4
Marshal Law 1–6 (complete run) / £4
Resident Alien 0 - £1
Royals 1-6 (complete set) / £5
Transformers CC 1 (iffy condition, but someone might want it!) - £free with any order over £20
Wolverine and Deadpool 1 (latest volume) / £3

Books & Comics / Complete Cabs and Ten-Seconders in digital
« on: 02 March, 2016, 12:18:20 pm »
Interesting to see 'complete' digital editions of Ten-Seconders and Cabs go up (today?) on the 2000 AD shop. Bit of a barg at ten quid each if you're into the digital side of things. It's also nice to see the digital side of things shifting a little from print, not least for series that presumably can't justify more print outings.

Books & Comics / Doctor Who UK reprint comic regenerates
« on: 25 February, 2016, 10:33:07 am »
Although I was tempted by the Titan Doctor Who comics, I never picked them up at the time, so was very happy when Doctor Who comic appeared in all its squarebound loveliness. Then one issue I saw an advert for the US-format Tales from the Tardis, including a question on the editorial page about the new format and whether people loved it.

I figured that would be the end and it was. DWC is dead, and subs are moving over to TFFD, in all its dinky form. I suppose it's better for Titan in terms of newsagent/store facing and also cheaper to ship, but I did love that bigger comic. Perhaps it's something to do with me mostly reading 2000 AD over US are, but I've never really gotten on with smaller comics, and TFFT seems so comparatively less substantial. (Also: awkward to punt people over to #4 of the new title rather than #1, but there you go. At least it's a jumping-on issue.)

Film & TV / Walking Dead - coming from TV to comic
« on: 28 January, 2015, 11:19:41 am »
(Please keep this thread as spoiler-free as possible, or use spoiler tags, for those who've not read/watched WD yet.)

I've always been intrigued by Walking Dead, but got into it by fits and starts. I can't remember whether I went for the TV or comic first, but I recall enjoying the first five episodes of season one (despite the relentless grim nature of the show) but being annoyed by the sixth, to the point it put me off more. For the comic, I bought two trades, and didn't really get what all the fuss was about. It seemed so very heavy on talking heads, the dialogue felt unnatural, and the characters weren't well-defined.

Of late, I've returned to both after people suggested I gave them a second chance. With the TV show, I'm now just starting season four. Again, despite the ongoing sometimes overly dark tone (yeah, I know it's a dystopia, but it sometimes REALLY piles on the bleak), I really thought season two and three had a lot going for them. The show keeps you guessing, throws in regular twists, and only has a few overt flaws. (It — only rarely, mind — stumbles into "DON'T GO DOWN THERE, YOU MORON" territory from the worst of horror films, and also at times does the Spooks thing of introducing a new character with certain traits and attributes, and you therefore know the equivalent's basically doomed.)

In the recent Image Humble Bundle, I got the first compendium, and so I've been reading that on my iPad, having already watched a lot of the TV show. To my mind, the comic comparatively doesn't hold up well at all. It's kind of a trudge to get through, seems constantly overly fascinated by who's pairing off with who at any given moment, and has a slightly iffy smell of sexism wafting about, which is present but at least dialled down in the TV show.

Did anyone else go from TV show to comic? It'd be interesting to know what you think of either. Or am I being a bit unfair on a comic by a sole writer that's clearly been transferred to screen by a talented writing pool that have taken its basic concepts and many of the scenarios and characters, but, to my mind, made them a lot stronger? (I guess also this rarely happens. Comics usually get a lost worse when remade for screen. But I'm finding Walking Dead the comic rather ordinary, and the TV show a cut above.)

Books & Comics / Feature on digital comics - any ideas?
« on: 02 September, 2014, 07:14:53 pm »
I'm currently putting together a feature on digital comics for a British Mac magazine. The idea is to provide some insight into the industry, how it's changing the nature of comics, and also how it might change the presentation of comics in the future. The piece will be somewhat iPad-based and biased, but I do want to explore not only 'apps' (such as Sequential or 2000 AD's own) but the wider nature of digital.

So if anyone here has any recommendations or ideas regarding what might be interesting to include (apps/companies/businesses/presentations/people), I'd love to hear them.

Megazine / Meg 349: Psi-Crimes!
« on: 14 June, 2014, 01:29:20 pm »
A package of contrasts in this Meg that ties most things up for the 350 leaping-on issue. The workmanlike and almost classic-era cover is for the conclusion to the best Anderson tale in a long, long while. Yes, there was the "oh, I was dead, but, hey, rapi-heal" thing, but this has been a mature (but not glib) take on the character, with some superb art by Dowling. For once, Anderson looks like a mature woman and not some 20-year-old glamour model. And although there's a sense of status-quo at the end, isn't there always?

Of the other strips, The Man From The Ministry appeals to me, offering a kind of Dan Dare vibe, but with a more modern feel. There are some odd bits of art (one element in the final panel looks more like a plastic toy than it really should), but it's suitably puppy. A one-shot about Two Ton Tony Tubbs is also quite amusing, even if the twist doesn't make that much sense economically. Dredd… well, I've not been a fan of Rad To The Bone and the conclusion does nothing to shake that. It just hasn't sat right with me, and it feels a bit off. Text features on David Pugh, Nick Percival, and Vince Locke, all of which were insightful.

The contrast: the Karyn floppy. Bar a decent Hershey one-off, this really feels like barrel-scraping now, dredging up the less-than-steallar strips from the Meg's decidedly duff era. Next month: Harke & Burr. Hmm. The rate things are going downhill there, we'll get Junker and Wireheads before long.

Books & Comics / Humble Bundle: IDW Doctor Who
« on: 16 May, 2014, 04:34:41 pm »
Humble Bundle's doing comics again, this time for what appears to be a big chunk of IDW's Doctor Who comics. 15 dollars (about 9 quid) for 54 issues of the main run, 12 issues of Prisoners of Time, and 'The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who'; you also apparently get Doctor Who: Legacy for Android with 10 unlocked Doctors — although that's not an especially amazing game.

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