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Events / Re: Oldham Comic Con 2 - 12th May 2018 & it's FREE!!
« on: 16 March, 2018, 04:29:40 pm »
It has the added bonus of having a few Phoenix creators there which will be a big plus for the kids, who every Friday morning excited ask me 'is The Phoenix coming today?'

Reckon they would be chuffed to meet The Etherington Brothers. I hope to be able to swing this one.

General / Re: We need NEW BLOOD- Join us, Joe....
« on: 16 March, 2018, 01:25:22 pm »

That Working Comics Podcast interview with Bish-OP spilled the beans on Williams disappearance from the prog: both he and the great Ron Smith were not to his taste so he stopped giving them work…!

Would like to see more from John McCrea, as well as Tilen Javornik who drew a few future shocks last year.

Yeah but that was 20 or more years ago and Anthoy Williams made a return in the 2000s and did a lot of work after David Bishop's time as editor. He disappeared from the Prog about 5-6 years ago (timing might be off there)

Events / Re: Oldham Comic Con 2 - 12th May 2018 & it's FREE!!
« on: 16 March, 2018, 07:48:26 am »
Damn that is a decent line up and not too far away and 'free' is a good price... hmmm maybe I can use this as a way to dry run the kids at a comic con.

General / Re: We need NEW BLOOD- Join us, Joe....
« on: 16 March, 2018, 07:45:59 am »
Being contrary,  I don't think we see half enough of many well-established art droids: I know lots have moved on to bigger things, or worse, left this mortal realm entirely,  but still,  could we not find more space for Andrew Currie and Neil Googe,  Jake Lynch and Nigel Dobbyn, Nick Dyer and John McCrea, not to mention the criminally underused genius of Chris Weston (no, the current Dredd is not enough). And where's my SMS SF epic?

I always liked Anthony Williams. He used to knock out pages of Sinister Dexter like there was no tomorrow then he just disappeared.


Anthony Williams is one of those droids whose work we've had the pleasure of seeing get better and better over the years, and by all accounts he's fast and dependable. Should be a mainstay in the prog, IMO.

And yeah, a 25 part SMS mega-space-epic please Tharg, if that's okay  :thumbsup:

Yep always enjoyed Anthony Williams work and as you say it feels like he grow on the page. Loved his work on VCs and then enjoyed his tenure on Sinister Dexter and would gladly have seen that continue (mind we have Steve Yeowell there now so can't complain!).

Funny enough we took the kids to Coinsbrough Castle near Doncaster the other day and all the illustrations on the information boards (and projected talking characters come to that) and what not was done my him. It was weird to see his work in a completely different context and I'm sure the kids really enjoyed my little addition to the history lesson as I discussed the work of the man that drew the pictures!

News / Re: Michael Fleisher
« on: 15 March, 2018, 07:45:12 am »
While I don't get on with much of his 2000ad work, and in my re-read I'm heading into the period where much of his work sits so lets see if I re-evaluate, his Jonah Hex stories from the 70s are great fun and well worth checking out in the DC Showcase Presents volumes if you enjoy a good schlock western as I do.

Always sad to hear of the passing of someone who has contributed to the Galaxies Greatest whatever we think of the quality of that contribution.

General / Re: David Bishop talks 2000AD on Working Comics podcast
« on: 15 March, 2018, 07:39:21 am »
Started listening to a few of the Working Comics podcasts and they really are quite good and well worth checking out. The interview with David Bishop is superb and well worth checking out if only for the glorious way he describes opening packages he recieved with CD Roms of Carlos' work in them. Its worth listening to for many other reasons but this bit in particular is a delight!

Worth exploring others too, a very interesting podcast.

Books & Comics / Re: Bargains/deals thread (?)
« on: 12 March, 2018, 09:45:34 pm »
Jez how much have I changed as a reader. Only a few years ago I'd have been all over that like a rash. These days I have so much stuff to read and I'm so disconnected to the big two that I could hardly find a thing to interest me. Don't get me wrong there is some great stuff there, some Nocenti Daredevil, Simonson Thor being highlights BUT it took until The Nam which I've always been tempted by to take the plunge...

... what the hell is wrong with me!

In my re-read I'm coming up soon to the period that's widely regarded as the nadir, though I don't remember things really being that bad until much later that the 750s but I'm watching with great interest to see what happens. Certainly even in the late 600s there are signs of the rot having set in. In part due to the expansion of content and colour at a time when there seems to be a changing of the guard in terms of creators. This sees any number of great stories being rushed out top quickly and then going into hiatous and the stuff used to fill the gaps just not being of the same quality.

That said unlike Fungus I remember there always being something of merit.

The other interesting question, one which Tordelback kind of alludes to is the nature of the recovery as its far from a smooth ride and in my head at times is almost as bad, or even worse at the percieved problem patch. Still going to be fascinating having another look.

Off Topic / Re: Squaxx Telling Jokes
« on: 10 March, 2018, 08:59:05 pm »
What do you call a bird of prey that lives in your kitchen?

A Tea Towl.

General / Re: Tharg
« on: 10 March, 2018, 08:54:48 pm »
I am a fan of this thread.

Arh but is that fan or fan... oh yeah right that was doesn't work does it...

Prog / Re: Prog 2072 - Weaponmaster!
« on: 10 March, 2018, 03:32:26 pm »
Well that sir is how to end a run of stories... we even get an example of how not to do it to provide contrast!

Dredd was fantastic. I wish we had more Dredd stories just like this that feel important and have impact but don't rely on battering either Dredd, Mega City One or worse both to within an inch of their lives to achieve it. This was an absolute masterclass and can't wait for the return of Lamia and Lola, though I suspect we'll have to.

You know what I'm very happy with the Bad Company ending really well done. So we don't know why they are all alive and up and running but we've seen enough and the end of this story in and of itself was very satisfying. I enjoyed this more and more the longer it went on and suspect when the nuBadCompany is read back to back it will read really well. The ending feels very open but I kinda hope we get one more round this all off. Not convinced we will and if we don't 'Maybe Kano knows that if Bad Company stopped having a purpose so would he..." and the fine page will do well enough.

In all these endings we have a very decent Future Shock with encouraging art and a gloriously dark ending... I mean you can read that ending two ways, I'm going with the VERY dark ending! Great stuff.

So Couz Millzie, veteran that he is does the noble thing and makes the sacrifice of throwing in the example of how not to do stuff to provide balance. I really enjoyed the first half of this ABC Warriors story, the second half slipped further into pitiful. I mean just smacking the problem after all that build up was plain poor and they way it was done page at a time was woeful sucking all anticipation out of the piece. Don't like to say this sort of thing but bloody rubbish and in that context the threat by Blackblood at the end felt more like a threat to the reader! If they come back I want it to be to wrap up and make all this count for something.

So the best is saved for last and by heck what a way to go Brass Sun is just glorious. It was a fantastic ending on Tall Green, though it will be a shame to leave that world so soon. But by heck that final page reveal - bugger me that was fantastic and having donme that to us they better not make us wait as long for the next part. Masterpiece.

This Great Auntie Patsy is how to make a long running story feel like its evolving and changing and matters. I know you can do this so more Savage stuff less ABC Warriors from you next time huh... anyway sorry back to the positive. Pretty much a great Prog topped by a stella classic.

Classifieds / Re: FREE (almost) and Cheap comics!
« on: 10 March, 2018, 02:53:45 pm »
Ohhh A1 I had those back in the day, sold them in a big clear out of the millenium, but now I'm thinking they were really good and I might have been a fool to get rid. With any luck I'll find out again...

Other Reviews / Re: The completely self absorbed 2000ad re-read thread
« on: 06 March, 2018, 09:39:59 pm »
Hey Anderson before you start having a go at Kraken shouldn't you be forgetting when you were manipulated into allowing the Dark Judges back, just saying.

Anyway last time beginnings, this time endings. In asecnding order.

Chronos Carnival = well frankly are we bothered. I mean this should have been good, a carnival, but they made that irrelevant, dragons, but they made them awkward, shape changing villians who are presented as vicious deadly killers and are basically a bit rubbish and you just kills them with stuff. Neil the first of our heroes is a jerk, mind at least he spends one ENTIRE episode being a bit of a jerk but at least admitting he's wrong. The other hero... called... something isn't a jerk.... if only cos its hard to remember anything defining about her, she's so forgettable.

So by the end of all that some stuff happened, the dragon gave some kids a ride and the shape changing deadly alien uses its powers for the first time, but only when caged and impedient, not while actually you know fighting the goodies. Bloody useless and even Ron Smith's art seems totally off.

Armoured Gideon lands its ending really well, its bold, its brash and it in perfect keeping with the tone of the series. The series as a whole has been far from perfect, but its been fun and I have to be honest I can't really put my finger on why I don't think its great. I mean it should be, the concept, the character are all very sharp and exciting. Its pretty original and makes daing choices... its just a bit off... well offish... offesque... I mean its good and I have a real soft spot for it, but for some reason its just not great. The ending is however and leave me hankering for its return.

Shadows as with the beginning so with the ending - absoluely fantastic. This series is Milligan at his best. It creates its world, shakes it up and moves the story alone at a deceptive pace. Its also decpetively clear and well crafted, hiden by some very smart word play and ideas its a familar story told well. Its Trading Places with great world design and less gags. Its just brilliant and so well timed. Done and gone but gone with such a perfect, grim ending. It leaves you actively wanting no more as more would upset its neigh-perfect. Just fantastic.

Anyway Universal Soldier 2 ends next Prog... I think this one will be me CC then Shadows...

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« on: 06 March, 2018, 08:03:48 am »
Another fantastic episode chaps, as ever. And one that I feel I can add some context for you with. See the 'YNWA' at the end of my forum name actually stands for 'You'll Never Walk Alone' in reference to my once great passion for Liverpool Football Club for which the song is an anthem (along with Celtic in Scotland).

So the song actually has American origins being a Rodgers and Hammerstein song from the movie 'Carousel' - hence its appearance in Ro-Busters is a double whammy referencing both Ro-jaws and Hammerstein's naming inspiration and the fact that Northpool clearly references the docks of Liverpool.

Anyway it was adopted by LFC after Gerry and the Pacemakers covered it in 1963 and is sung at the start of every LFC game. At the time you are currently reviewing Progs Liverpool were completely dominant in English football and probably (I do have some biase) the biggest and best team in Europe winning 4 European Cups (before the 'Champions' League) between 1977 and 1983.

If you want to know how to sing it (and I'll cut this down as obivously there's WAY more than you need to know here).

Walk on through the wind [soft]
Walk on through the rain [soft]
Though your dreams be tossed and blowwWwN [soft]

Walk on walk on [building] with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone [cresendo]

You'll never walk alone [basically shouting by now]

Walk on walk on [softer again] with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone

There see - loads of useless context but I felt I should share!

General / Re: Vice Press sale on
« on: 05 March, 2018, 12:48:04 pm »
For anyone interested, Vice Press have a sale of 2000 AD posters on at the moment.


I picked up the McMahon Nemesis for £16 (inc postage)

I've been resisiting this to date, but man there are some GREAT deals to be had there.

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