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Film Discussion / Re: Dredd (2012)
« Last post by Third Estate Ned on Today at 03:14:14 pm »
Saw this on The Quietus, thought I'd share it:

Who directed 2012's Dredd? Was it, as star Karl Urban recently suggested, really Alex Garland? What does it matter? And what do the differences with 1995's Judge Dredd tells us about the future of the comic adaptation?

General / Re: 2000AD Lego builds
« Last post by ming on Today at 03:07:04 pm »
Managed to get these built this morning with help from the boys; Cal and Fish turned out okay but I really like Uncle Ump - a very enjoyable character to take on.

Ive got a few sketched-out, semi-built figures lurking in the background so I’ll try and get something else done in due course, but no rush.  Not getting tired of these anytime soon, at least - although they’re tending to get more complex (otherwise I can’t get them to work satisfactorily).
Prog / Re: Prog 2073 - Future Visions!
« Last post by Tjm86 on Today at 02:51:47 pm »
Wholeheartedly agree on this week.  A sumptuous feast!  Weston, Ezquerra, Coleby, Teague, Cornwell ... oh my!  I've not been a massive fan of Stront since the resurrection but this one looks promising.  My money is also on the fan theory on Sternhammer junior's treatment but with Wagner anything is possible.
General / Re: 2000AD Original Art Thread
« Last post by Dr Feeley Good on Today at 02:16:03 pm »
Some artwork that arrived the other day from the Goddard Droid....... :D
Off Topic / Re: Life is sometimes sort of okay because...
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 12:30:14 pm »
The missus and I went for tea in the Parochial House* for Valentine's Day two or three years back - it was great, and indeed the ronnie was still there. 

*the exterior is the Craggy Island house,  the sitting room is the Rugged Island interior,  and the girl that made our tea was the baby-on-the-doorstep from the Christmas special. It was a joyous head-wreck.
Prog / Re: Prog 2073 - Future Visions!
« Last post by Richard on Today at 12:21:53 pm »
A very good prog this week!

Judge Dredd brings back Judges Pin and Gerhart, with outstanding art by Chris Weston.

Jaegir gets off to an action-packed start.

There’s a Future Shock with great art by Dylan Teague.

There’s a funny Sinister Dexter one-off (although it’s back next week) which made me laugh out loud twice.

The new series of Anderson starts very well and I’m interested to see where this is going. Written by Emma Beeby, and colour art by Dave Roach which looks fantastic. (Have we seen his work in colour before?)

There’s a Judge Fear one-off by Kek-W, which was okay but would have looked much more atmospheric if they’d kept the usual artist.

And Strontium Dog finally comes back — I read this first, and was not disappointed. Some good Wagner humour. I assume Alpha is only being such a dick so that Kenton tries his hardest to impress and doesn’t get killed. Best strip in the prog for me.
Off Topic / Re: Life is sometimes sort of okay because...
« Last post by Greg M. on Today at 12:01:20 pm »
The Hitler tache was still on the window

That's brilliant. The 'Ted as Hitler' bit is just about the funniest thing ever broadcast.
General / Re: Tharg
« Last post by sheridan on Today at 11:51:53 am »
Re reading prog 308{ish?} {Skizz makes his first appearance} I see the comic was featured on The Tube in 1983. I was around at the time but missed the episode. Any gen on the content?

I was too young at that time, but do remember seeing Alan Moore on The Tube a few years later - probably 1986.
Off Topic / Re: Life is sometimes sort of okay because...
« Last post by JayzusB.Christ on Today at 11:43:33 am »
Before my mate passed away a couple of years back he visited Ted's house. The Hitler tache was still on the window
Megazine / Re: Meg 393 - Hard Rain!
« Last post by A.Cow on Today at 11:43:22 am »
In response to one of the letters, I'm more than happy to see stories like Wagner's Walk in the floppy. Rebellion have got a huge archive of stuff and not all of it's suited to trade collections. Seeing old comic strips released as comics again seems like a good idea to me.

Fully agreed.  The Megazine is no longer just a sci-fi action comic -- it has established a good reputation for exploring comics history in featured articles; long may it continue.

(Yes, mixing Dark Judges: Dominion with reprints of Ivor Lott and Tony Broke is a bizarre notion, but I'd imagine that two separate titles would be economically unviable.  And Megazine readers are hopefully mature enough to cope with both.)
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