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Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Professor Bear on 18 June, 2018, 08:39:05 pm »
Minister for Health is an unelected position, and the current incumbent is independently wealthy, was parachuted into his parliamentary seat when the previous incumbent became a dame or whatever the heck the inbred title is, and is widely regarded as a shock absorber for the government ideological position of dismantling a free at point of use NHS.  It is literally impossible for him to give less fucks what people think of him.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by abelardsnazz on 18 June, 2018, 08:23:47 pm »

Very good film. Slow burn in the first hour, but necessary and then loses it's shit (in a good way) in the second hour.

As a seasoned horror fan, for at least forty years, there were four sequences that sent genuine chills up my spine. Compare this to The Sixth Sense where this happened twice.

Has a good 'Rosemary's Baby' vibe to it.

Recommended if you like creepy horror.


I mostly agree, although it seemed a bit muddled at times, but maybe some processing will iron that out. A brilliant performance from Toni Collette plus an unsettling atmosphere from the start make this an overall hit.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 18 June, 2018, 08:20:01 pm »

A clear majority (66 per cent) of adults are willing to pay more of their own taxes to fund the NHS, underlining growing support among the public for tax rises to increase NHS funding.

In which case, they should be equally willing to pay voluntarily - perhaps even moreso - for an NHS run by healthcare professionals instead of ministers looking to their next election.

Prog / Re: Prog 2086 - Bet on Red!
« Last post by Frank on 18 June, 2018, 08:07:04 pm »
The problem is it’s not clear cut what it is.

Never investigate Expressionism, BPP.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 18 June, 2018, 07:51:22 pm »

To be fair, you brought it up.  You have a very specific idea of what society should be like, but if you want other people to see your point of view, you of need to address hard questions like this.

Actually, no - I have a very specific idea of what basis society should be built upon and some ideas as to how such a society might solve certain problems but the ideas I present are just that; ideas. Come up with better ones and I'll accept them. And there are better ideas out there, I'm sure of it, or at least there will be.

However, just for shits and giggles, here are a couple of ideas to apply to Tordels' question: Teaching Hospitals and R&D facilities which sell new technologies and drugs to fund themselves. Perhaps an NHS drug manufacturing company. A national lottery run by the NHS to attract partial funding. Charitable donations. An NHS backed and issued currency. NHS toys, souvenirs, collectibles, home medical kits and books. Insurance premiums. Car boot sales. An "Approved by the NHS" stamp purchased by food (eg.) manufacturers.

Virtually no thought whatsoever went into the above suggestions as they already exist in one form or another. I'm certain other people can come up with much better ideas to augment or replace the above. The possibilities are endless and do not need to rely on government coercion.

Prog / Re: Prog 2086 - Bet on Red!
« Last post by BPP on 18 June, 2018, 07:34:46 pm »
The problem is it’s not clear cut what it is. Everyone saying it’s not meant to be taken literally is putting clear examples of other metaphorical covers (of course Dredd isn’t 50 ft tall, of course alpha isn’t falling in space). Problem is nobody can clearly say what’s going on with this cover - is it a ‘bloodbath’, is it a plasma coffin? What even is a plasma coffin? Is she lying down, standing up? What is the red stuff?

Confusion is emblematic of it not being a very good cover on a certain level.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 18 June, 2018, 07:23:00 pm »

 And it's terrifying to hear stories like this, where electricity use purely for bitcoin mining in Iceland is set to outstrip that of Iceland's homes.

How is this "terrifying"? The linked article is packed with ifs and excluded concepts. For example, will the bitcoin mining centres be stealing electricity or paying for it? I imagine they'll be paying for the energy they use, injecting capital into the system. And in a country with only ~340,000 people, is it really so bad to sell more energy to bitcoin mining than households? The article doesn't claim that bitcoin mining will reduce the amount of energy available to households, which would be unacceptable. The whole article is skewed and seems designed to demonise bitcoin.

The BBC supports the government and the government supports centralisation. Bitcoin represents decentralisation, a threat to government, and so the BBC is duty bound to trash it. This is not impartial reporting, as far as I can see, and contains nothing even approaching "terror."

Events / Re: GeekedFest Pontypridd 16th June 2018
« Last post by Tjm86 on 18 June, 2018, 07:19:10 pm »
Might well have done.  I know I spoke to quite a few stall owners and we bought a number of prints.  We were there toward the end of the afternoon and it was still fairly busy.  What was great was how many kids there still seemed to be.  Where were you set up?

Looking at calendar, Newport looks like it might be viable.  My only disappointment talking to the organiser was that she couldn't give too much away in terms of who might be there from the comics world.  I do agree with her point in terms of the television / film celebs drawing a larger crowd / appealing to a different audience.  Personally I don't have a problem with that idea since they are targeting 'Geeks' and not just comic fans.  Far more honest to my mind.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Frank on 18 June, 2018, 07:17:08 pm »
The first thing to do is decide whether the current (health care) system is acceptable to you, if it is then there's no problem ...

Seventy-seven per cent of the public believe the NHS should be maintained in its current form. This level of support has remained consistent over almost two decades despite widespread social, economic and political change.

Around 90 per cent of people support the founding principles of the NHS, indicating that these principles are just as relevant today as when the NHS was established.

A clear majority (66 per cent) of adults are willing to pay more of their own taxes to fund the NHS, underlining growing support among the public for tax rises to increase NHS funding.


Games / Re: A Couple of Ideas for Rebellion
« Last post by Sandman1 on 18 June, 2018, 07:10:43 pm »
James C:
I’d love to see a really good Dredd-world game but I don’t think the big open-world thing is ever going to happen.

It can definitely be done if the concept is good enough and you can gather the right people behind it.

So you’ll forgive us if we thought that you were indeed talking about a giant, open-world Dredd game, since....y’know, that’s what you said could definitely be done.

I’ve worked on a couple of dozen games, big and small, and i respectfully disagree with your take on what is and isn’t possible in mainstream game production.

An open-world, yes, but not something that can be compared with the industry giants. I have no empirical knowledge about game development, so I can't make a sure assessment about the matter. Only time will tell and I think expenses can fluctuate pretty much depending on what you choose to implement. I can probably get a bit naively optimistic when I see potential.

So it's both ambitious *and* makes compromises?

Sorry, that sounds like a woolly description.

In summary: relativity and subjective opinions.

"You substantially reduce the expenses and find a publisher with enough capital and confidence in your concept."

If it was that straightforward, don't you think Rebellion would have done it?

There's a big "if" in my response. I bet they could give you a better answer.

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