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Announcements / Re: 3A Toys/Rebellion Press Release
« Last post by lincnashOZ on 18 September, 2018, 10:32:54 pm »
BAD :- I fear 2000AD figures are to toys, the way D.C. Comics are to Movies  ;).
Re-Action, Legendary Heroes and now 3A  :'(.

GOOD :- If FIRE saw the light of day (didn't), what would 3A's version be like  :-*.
I'm not fond of the colourized "old skool", version (charred Black with green/yellow "Supernatural" fire).
Would they have gone with that colour-scheme  :-*

For totally narcissistic reasons  :lol:, I got to make a unique "Ghost Rider/grip hands" version  :) :) :).
15% 3A, 60% Legendary Heroes and the remaining = scratch-built  :P
As a juve Bolland's (Original) vision of the Dark Judges were in B&W.
So my childish imagination used "Ghost Rider", to fill the "colour gaps" on Judge Fire  :D.
Been that way ever since  ;).


Judge Fire = This City isss guilty ....
Judge Fear = .... the Crime iss life ....
Judge Mortis = ... the Ssentence is .....
Judge Death = DEATH !!!!.
Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« Last post by Professor Bear on 18 September, 2018, 10:29:51 pm »
Binged the final stretch of Adventure Time, and for a mythology-lite show, it sure did rely on a lot of canon knowledge, particularly about Betty and Steve/Ice King.  Callbacks are to be expected in the final episode, I suppose, as was the inevitable allegorical exploration of the end of childhood, though a great deal seems to happen offscreen and we are just assured that everyone "lived their lives" after the show ended.  No, don't mind those episodes set in a future wasteland where humans returned to Ooo and then went extinct shortly after killing off the Candy People, but yes, those are now cemented as canon, and your favorite characters die badly - but they do so offscreen, and it's offset by Marcy and P-Bubs finally gaying up onscreen so it all balances out in the end.
An interesting wrap-up and probably better than a fair few season finales I've seen over the years.  One day, I will actually sate my curiosity and go find out what actual kids make of this show.
Prog / Re: Prog 2099 - Unleash Hell!
« Last post by Jim_Campbell on 18 September, 2018, 10:09:24 pm »
Spoilers should be assumed in prog review threads…

So why have a 'blackout' option? Up to recently posters were sure to cover the spoilers, lately some folk just seem to not bother.

The spoiler tags are used extensively in film and tv threads (because they often deal with multiple films/series and someone might not have seen a specific movie/episode) but in the Prog review threads, the assumption is that you’ve read the prog.
General / Re: 2000 AD Art Stars Summer 2018 - Judge Dredd
« Last post by CrazyFoxMachine on 18 September, 2018, 09:56:15 pm »
Maciej Pałka -- Dredd

Prog / Re: Prog 2099 - Unleash Hell!
« Last post by Proudhuff on 18 September, 2018, 09:54:49 pm »
Spoilers should be assumed in prog review threads…

General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by SpaceSpinner2000 on 18 September, 2018, 09:49:21 pm »
For Conrad and anyone else baffled by Fox's reference at 25:20...

Can't say I'm as affected by Helltrekkers as you guys - the cast are dispatched so rapidly I haven't had a chance to grow attached to any of them. That said, if Crustacia gets boiled alive I'll be super sad about it. And I'm looking forward to Quint inevitably going out like Robert Shaw.

I hear you about helltrekkers! For me the depression sets in a little later, once we get to the black scap, then the shootout at the fort, THEN the other stuff. It's a ridiculous build.

Please let me know what you think of the episode!

Do you still have plans for Collections?  It seems quite a while since Ant Wars!  My vote is for Comic Rock, Nemesis Book I, Nemesis Book II, Nemesis Book III, Nemesis Book IV: The Gothic Empire (not that you've got to the end of that yet).  Do you detect a theme?

By the way - people in the UK who eat lunch in the middle of the day will eat dinner in the evening.  People who eat dinner in the middle of the day eat tea (as well as drinking tea) in the evening.  Everybody has supper.

I've got tons of PLANS for collections, sadly those plans have had difficulties once they come into contact with all the other factors in my life :( I'm hoping to get to some soon. As for Nemesis, right now my plan is to eventually collect it according to the Complete Nemesis the Warlock editions, so it'll qualify once we finish the Gothic Empire story. Sorry for the delay with the collections, they're a fair amount of work!

Is tea a different evening meal than supper? I must say I usually imagine it being consumed in the morning or mid-day, not at night. That's a terrifying new wrinkle!
Prog / Re: Prog 2099 - Unleash Hell!
« Last post by geronimo on 18 September, 2018, 09:38:25 pm »
Spoilers should be assumed in prog review threads…

So why have a 'blackout' option? Up to recently posters were sure to cover the spoilers, lately some folk just seem to not bother.
Prog / Re: Thrill-Coma 2010
« Last post by sheridan on 18 September, 2018, 09:25:48 pm »
From what I remember, despite that response from Tharg, Michael Carroll did eventually include an explanation: something along the lines of Hondo-Cit having given up the reconstruction as a bad job and left it half-done.

Definitely my preference - one of the USPs of 2000AD is that it doesn't (usually) have the magic reset buttons and rolling continuities of USA comics...
Film & TV / Re: The Trailer Thread
« Last post by JOE SOAP on 18 September, 2018, 09:19:34 pm »

I just hope to see Fury's eye being stolen by Rocket.
Film & TV / Re: The Trailer Thread
« Last post by TordelBack on 18 September, 2018, 08:11:13 pm »
The skrull-ignorant in my house were thoroughly shocked by that SPOILERTAGGED bit.  Result!
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