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Film & TV / Re: Christmas Telly?
« Last post by Smith on 10 December, 2018, 10:39:50 pm »
You know its Xmass when you see Kevin on tv. 😊
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by radiator on 10 December, 2018, 10:15:55 pm »

Been hearing more and more the last few years about how this is a modern Christmas cult classic, so gave it a watch the other night. It's a Christmas-themed horror/comedy very much in the vein of Gremlins and probably intended for the same young-ish audience.

I liked certain aspects of it lot. The cast is great and it has some really terrific creature designs and visuals, but overall as a film it didn't really click for me. It has amusing moments, but isn't imo funny enough to stand alone as a comedy. I also didn't feel like I got to really know the characters enough to feel emotionally involved when it starts to unravel. It also doesn't really have the same sense of rules that Gremlins has regarding the supernatural threat and there isn't much buildup - it just takes a sudden jarring swerve into monster movie chaos after the first 30 minutes of dark family dramedy.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Colin YNWA on 10 December, 2018, 10:03:51 pm »
Finally got around to watching Slow West which I recorded an age ago. You know there's a type of modern western that is a little laconic, yet often says much. Almost whimsical but laced with violence and grit (true or otherwise) and I love them.

This is one of those. A Western dreamscape, a wonderful story of the power of unrequited love. Superb.
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« Last post by Taryn Tailz on 10 December, 2018, 09:49:50 pm »
Well, 'The Doctor Falls' was actually resolved by the Doctor blowing the Cybermen up, which isn't exactly saving the universe through the power of love. That was, of course, a legitimate gripe with the previous era (I don't deny that), but if we start debating that issue then we end up in what-about-ism territory, which ultimately never leads anywhere.
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« Last post by Leigh S on 10 December, 2018, 09:24:40 pm »
Is that the one where he scraped his knee?   :lol:

Something something Cybermen something?  If so I found that might have had soe nice sci-fi ideas (the space ship with variable time progression), the execution of those ideas was hideously convoluted and self referential - OK if you care about the (in my mind)  fake drama of Bill being a Cyberman who happens to not get turned into a cyberman and here is a bit of the spaceship where they are all yokels on the farm and on and on and I've switched off

These stories could do with a bit more about them, but we have by and large left "love saves people from being cybernised/resets the universe" behind, along with "ooooh who is the Doctor REALLY, oooohhh!" shenanigans, which could never have satisfactory endings (thank god for the cancellation before the Cartmel Masterplan revelations, or the cancellation before the McGann Half human stuck etc.)

What was Moffatt's series finale?  If we are talking about the one where he shat on the First Doctor from a great height, then I'm reckoning the Chibnall Era a resounding success in comparison.

That wasn't the series finale; that was the Christmas special which followed on from the end of the series finale. The series finale was 'The Doctor Falls'.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by TordelBack on 10 December, 2018, 08:59:19 pm »
Could you define being 'in charge' being on the winning side in 95% of votes (plus 3% abstentions) in the EU Council of Ministers, and >75% of all EU Parliament policies and EU Council decisions going the way your representatives voted?  'Cos that's how it has played out for the UK these past 20 years. 

(Probably helps the averages that Farage almsot never showed up)
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by Tjm86 on 10 December, 2018, 08:58:47 pm »
Brexit really is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?  Cameron says that he does not regret calling the referendum in the first place.  May calls off the vote because she'd rather avoid the mother of all humiliations, only to find herself facing the mother of all humiliations.  The pound is at its lowest for 20 months.  Parliament is completely paralysed.  Corbyn has just thrown down the challenge of an emergency debate on the decision of the government to postpone the debate and vote.

The Tories used to throw out the line that if Labour got back into power there would be no money left.  Looks like this time round with the Tories back in power there's going to be no country left.
Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« Last post by karlos on 10 December, 2018, 08:43:22 pm »
Forbidden Planet charge a bit more for p & p, but everything I get from them arrives damage free.
General / Re: MEGAZINE Cover of the Year Vote 2018
« Last post by Eamonn Clarke on 10 December, 2018, 08:38:59 pm »
I will be voting but isn’t there one more Megazine due this weekend coming (subs)/next Wednesday?
Meg 403 ad from the Xmas prog with trademarked forum blurOvision.

And the black and white before Dylan worked his magic.
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on 10 December, 2018, 08:37:29 pm »

We'll stay in the EU - but only if we can be in charge.

Vote for me.

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