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Author Topic: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion  (Read 9343 times)


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Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« Reply #270 on: 12 November, 2018, 01:19:01 pm »
There was criticism of the handling of the partition by Mountbatten et al. That hardly seems controversial, unless you're some sort of Niall Ferguson-type revisionist.

Indeed,  but the criticism was mainly a statement of simple fact - it was a mismanaged disaster - rather than getting into the attitudes behind it, or even the history of the Raj itself.  There can't be any argument about that,  surely?

I thought the things that (supposedly) enraged them were issues of identity and any moral, emotional or philosophical input into the strictly rational matters of policy, economics and the (cough) meritocracy. If "these people did this and then that happened" is now 'Social Justice Warrior' territory, what's left?

Obviously I'm aware that these are not their concerns at all,  and never were, but it's interesting to see the usual suspects attacking something for literally no other discernible reason than that it involves non-whites and women. Interesting too to see umbrage taken with a plot most famously employed by that pillar of western (and English) cultural superiority, Shakespeare.

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Re: Doctor Who Series 11 Discussion
« Reply #271 on: 12 November, 2018, 08:36:41 pm »
Well behind the curve as ever, I only just watched the Rosa episode.  Geez, that was cringey.
The racism felt comically broad, like it was literally the only thing some characters had in their lives, like that racist bus driver guy and before you say AHA HE WAS ALSO A KEEN FISHERMAN SO RACISM WAS NOT THE ONLY THING IN HIS LIFE he couldn't even do a fishing without being racist, and when he learned there wasn't going to be any racism on his bus route that evening he had to drop everything to go be racist on his bus, and then when he found out that his bus got duffed-up, his only consolation was knowing black people were going to be put out.
Did the original script have the English grandad character have to pretend to be the bus driver or something?  It seems like there was a lot of setup for just that eventuality.
I feel the characters they meet in the show each week could have more complete stories or even just have rounded personalities rather than archetypes, but Rosa in this was just a cypher rather than a person - she'd show up or someone would say her name and then that tune would play like she was Jesus or something.  Who kind of feels like a slow, dull version of the incredibly stupid Legends of Tomorrow so far.  Have you ever seen legends of Tomorrow?  "Stupid" barely covers it, and John Constantine is in it now.  They have an original TARDIS console in the middle of their control room and nobody says anything, not even Rory.