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Author Topic: The Expanse  (Read 3802 times)


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Re: The Expanse
« Reply #45 on: 14 May, 2018, 09:38:00 pm »
Be nice if this got picked up - not least as its production model seems to be akin to the idea behind the Dredd TV show.

Personally its an okay watch but marred by terrible acting from too many key characters (no more than 'Gunnie' (sic) who is just awfully unconvincing. The lead guy isn't much better. Was a shame when the detective left the show (no spoilers - but I assume that was the end of him early in season 2) as he was easily the most watchable thing. Production was great - the Earth Councillor's outfit were always fabulous looking affairs and the B cast did decent work. 
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Re: The Expanse
« Reply #46 on: 15 May, 2018, 02:53:59 am »
Well my post went awry but all it amounted to was 'Well that's a shame'. Was nice for Syfy to make decent sci-fi for a bit.


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Re: The Expanse
« Reply #47 on: 21 May, 2018, 11:46:11 pm »
'The Expense' ‘The Expanse’: Amazon In Talks To Pick Up Space Series After Syfy Cancellation

There is hope forThe Expanse beyond its upcoming third season, which will be the sci-fi drama’s last one on Syfy. I hear Alcon Television Group, which fully finances and produces The Expanse, is in conversations with Amazon about picking up the critically praised series for Season 4. Sources stress the talks are still preliminary. Reps for both companies declined comment.