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Games / Re: The Board Game Thread
« on: 22 October, 2018, 11:11:39 am »
My wee brother is visiting from Canada for a few days so we jumped on the chance to play some games together. Played the Legendary editions of Predator and Big Trouble In Little China, and Into The Echoside (I'd got an expansion for that so was nice to finally wheel out some of the new rules).

Was excellent, no amount of skyping across the world can match a couple of afternoons sitting round a table with a board game.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 22 October, 2018, 10:48:44 am »
Oh just to add, I went to Glasgow Cineworld and watched it on their 'Superscreen' and while the screen was nice, they barely dimmed the lights at all when the film came on. Really impacted the atmosphere so I doubt I'd go to a horror movie there again.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 22 October, 2018, 10:31:34 am »
Went to the new Halloween after revisiting the original the night before. Always forget how breathless the last 15mins of the Carpenter film are, so much time spent building tension and earning that finale.

Enjoyed the new one much, much more than I thought possible because I definitely had a bit of cynicism about the idea of making a new Halloween and how it might turn out. I'm also usually dead against the idea of retconning out a load of sequels (did I endure Busta Rhymes karate kicking Myers in Resurrection for nothing?) but in this case the only sequel I'm really fond of is Season of The Witch so it wasn't a problem at all. For me it feels like we've wound up with the best case scenario, something that can sit alongside the original and hold its own, and that really feels like justice for the franchise. Being able to push all those poor follow-ups out the way and have these two be canon gives me a weird sense of closure on Halloween, so I'm really hoping that the huge success it's seeing doesn't then spawn a load of increasingly inferior sequels, because then we're back where we were before.

Loved it, smart, witty, tense and the score was absolutely fantastic. The way Carpenter and his band have updated the themes and fleshed things out and added new life to it is really something special, so glad to have another classic Carpenter soundtrack to add to the collection.

As for that moment Mattofthespurs mentioned, I thought that was genius and very deftly handled. He didn't have to kill the baby for the moment to be scary, just the fact that he walked through the room had the whole cinema tense up with 'no way' energy. I'm sure they could have made more of it or had him ponder or pause then move on, but it was much smarter than that I thought, and those smarts and good choices ran through the film.

We also went to see Carpenter live at the weekend and then played the Big Trouble In Little China game, so it was a very JC few days really!

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 18 October, 2018, 09:57:25 am »
I've got a bit of a love/hate relationship with Assassin's Creed games (I tend to like a lot of aspects of them and really dislike others), but the one that I genuinely loved was Black Flag. I haven't played the last couple so don't know how they compare, but if you want more AC Woolly then I can heartily recommend it!

It's a great pirate simulator, with some ace naval combat (which they never used in any of the sequels, although I believe Odyssey has some?), give it a go!

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 16 October, 2018, 04:48:31 pm »
Had a day off yesterday so caught up with a couple on the Netflix watchlist.

First up was Veronica, a Spanish ouija-seance-gone-wrong movie from one of the writer/directors of [REC]. [REC] is top 5 material for me, an absolute stone cold classic in sustained terror, so I went in with high expectations and it didn't let me down. It's brilliantly spooky, very stylishly shot (there was one shot that had me applauding from the couch - thinking about it now it would be really simple to pull off but in the moment it blew my mind and left me really disorientated) and scary in a completely different way to [REC]. Loved it, will probably watch again with the wife over Halloween.

Then watched The Villainess which I was a bit up and down on. The action is incredibly well staged and technically pretty amazing. There are a ton of really long uninterrupted shots (I'm certain there are cuts all over the place but they're masked to give the illusion of one big fluid take) where characters are fighting on motorbikes, leaping out of windows etc. and it's all pretty breathless. Hell, if you want a taster just throw the first 10 minutes on, which is all filmed in first person and is really quite mental.

The story was a problem for me, not because it isn't good, but because it's told in a jump-around staccato flashback method that I found a bit annoying and made a very simple tale needlessly complicated to follow. I was very tired at the time which didn't help but I do think it may have hooked me better with a more linear structure.

The action is amazing but I found a lot of it weirdly unengaging, it was just so frantic and technical that I found myself being distracted by wondering where the edits were and how they pulled off the impossible camera moves and that made me detach from it a bit if that makes sense. I guess I mean I was constantly impressed by the action, but often in a bit of a cold unexcited sort of way.

If you imagine that amazing shot from The Raid 2 where the camera watches a fight inside a car before moving through the window, down the road into another car and then out the other side (which was all done practically and creatively - with camera-men handing the camera around and disguising themselves as seats and stuff) - it's sort of like that relentlessly and to the point where it's a bit numbing, and with what seems to be a lot more CGI assistance.

I'll watch it again sometime, as I say I was very tired and the more I think about it the more I think I'll probably enjoy it more on a second watch. May have just been the wrong film in the wrong mood!

Games / Re: Sick Kids Save Point Sci-Fi Games Marathon 2018!
« on: 15 October, 2018, 11:19:49 pm »
Just saw this now, and wishing we'd done some Titanfall 2 as well! Cheers for all the encouragement and for the Battlefront session, was ace and very much appreciated!

In general though the only real low points were realising I was never going to beat Dark Void in the time I had, and remembering the hard way just how much of a dive the first Halo takes once the Flood appear. Up to that point it was holding up great! Definitely threw a bit of a midnight tantrum at the Library level.

Other than that was good tiring fun and looks like the charity raised a lot of money so all worth it!

Games / Re: Sick Kids Save Point Sci-Fi Games Marathon 2018!
« on: 12 October, 2018, 12:01:16 pm »
I only found out about this particular screening because of a very thoughtful downstairs neighbour actually! We've only spoken a couple of times but one of those times anime came up and it turned out we both really fondly remembered Cyber City. Months later he chapped on our door to let me know it was showing. That's some absolutely top quality neighbouring! Other than that I just keep an eye on the GFT site, most of the interesting movie seasons and festivals in Glasgow tend to wind up there. They do a nice membership deal too that gets you a discount and some complimentary tickets, plus because it's a smaller artier cinema there's way less of the noisy annoying folk you find in the big Cineworlds and stuff. I'm sure all cities have some equivalent of it, I really love the GFT!

Multiplayer-wise I'm definitely going to do a couple of hours of Battlefront 2 on Saturday if you have it, got a rough schedule figured out so think I'll be on that from about 3pm. Do you play it? I've not done anywhere near as much of the MP in that game as I'd like so determined to do a chunk of it!

Other than that everything I've managed to round up is campaign stuff, but going to co-op through Halo with my wee brother through Saturday night, he's in Canada so handily will be available to play in the less sociable hours :D

Games / Re: Sick Kids Save Point Sci-Fi Games Marathon 2018!
« on: 11 October, 2018, 04:52:20 pm »
It's showing at the GFT in Glasgow as part of the Scotland Loves Anime festival (which I think takes place in Edinburgh too actually). It was one of my favourites back in the VHS days but haven't seen it since. Quite often complain to anyone who'll listen that it's never had a DVD or Blu-Ray release here so the chance to finally watch it again on a big screen isn't something I can really skip out on! Looking forward to it, it's showing with the old Manga Video dub I think so that should add a bit of nostalgic sweary cheese factor.

Games / Re: Sick Kids Save Point Sci-Fi Games Marathon 2018!
« on: 11 October, 2018, 01:51:16 pm »
Planning to start at 7:30am on Saturday, means I can finish at a decent time Sunday (particularly if I wind up doing 36hrs). Made the mistake of starting on Friday night last year which meant two all-nighters and that felt quite mad so not going to do that again! This year my only hurdle is I'm getting to bed pretty late on the Friday (there's a late night showing of Cyber City Oedo 808, and I've always wanted to rewatch that) so will probably be knackered before I even start, but it's for a good cause!

Games / Re: Sick Kids Save Point Sci-Fi Games Marathon 2018!
« on: 10 October, 2018, 05:32:00 pm »
Cheers, it's years since I played it but remember it being quite decent! It's got a lot of Rocketeer-style charm and a cracking soundtrack (Bear McReary of Battlestar did it and it's very BSG!) so I'm quite looking forward to revisiting it. Probably going to play half of it at the start of the marathon and then finish it at the end to break it up a bit!

Games / Sick Kids Save Point Sci-Fi Games Marathon 2018!
« on: 10 October, 2018, 11:26:12 am »
I post about this every year so apologies for the deja vu!

This weekend I'll be taking part in Sick Kids Save Point, a gaming marathon to raise money for Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity.

I'll be starting on Saturday morning and doing up to 36hrs (I've been adding an hour for every £10 raised and am sitting at 29hrs currently!) and this year I'll only be playing sci-fi games. Aiming to beat some unplayed games from the pile of shame and also do full runs on some classics (Halo 1, Dead Space 2, Dark Void because my mate made that a condition of his donation!), and streaming the whole thing to prove I haven't fallen asleep.

If you do wish to donate or learn more about the charity my page is here - https://sp18.everydayhero.com/uk/keith-s-sick-kids-save-point-2018

And I'll be streaming on Mixer all weeked - https://mixer.com/Superbeasto

Got a good chunk of space-based games to dip into so should at least be a fun if incredibly tiring ordeal, cheers!

Games / Re: Backwards Compatible Rebellion Games..
« on: 08 October, 2018, 01:58:58 pm »
Excellent news! It's been number one on my BC wishlist for a long time, will be great to be able to hop back into it without wheeling out the old 360. Hope the multiplayer is still up and running, and that it going BC gets people online playing it again.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 05 October, 2018, 10:11:40 am »
Finished Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc on the Vita last night. It was really fun at times, especially during the class trials, but the amount of tapping through endless dialogue got a bit tiresome. It would be fine if all the dialogue was engaging or was revealing new info but it would literally just repeat the same info endlessly, with about 7 characters hammering home the same thing over and over again. It struck me as something that's a trait of some anime - I love it but do find quite often you've got the gist of something and then have to listen to another load of discussion and internal monologue that's just battering you over the head with the original point.

That got old towards the end unfortunately. Not sure I’d want to embark on the second one because of that, but I didn’t hate it or anything, and the story was really cool in places. Bit torn, loved parts of it, other parts not so much, but really glad I finally played through it. It made for a decent enough diversion on the daily commute and the art style was really nice. So I guess I did have a good time with it really, but definitely feel like I've had my fill of that style for now.

General / Re: Goodbye Carlos
« on: 02 October, 2018, 04:00:00 pm »
So sad. Impossible to overstate how important his art was in shaping my love of comics. He drew the first Dredd I ever read and among all the legendary and fantastic artists who have been in the prog he was always the definitive Dredd artist to me. When I picture Dredd it's his Dredd, those distinctive outlines and all. Same goes for Strontium Dog and anything else he touched.

I still love the prog and have never put it down, but it's hard to get as excited and lost in things (anything, not just 2000AD) as I did in my youth. Despite that, reading a new Carlos strip was always every bit as exciting as when I was reading as a kid and always took me right back to that thrill in a very real way. It hurts to know that powerful connection to that childhood feeling is gone.

Cheers for all the thrillpower Carlos, you absolute legend.

Games / Re: Last game played...
« on: 02 October, 2018, 03:27:11 pm »
Yeah I've always loved Monolith's style, and they've got a knack for mashing together elements that are very relevant to my interests! FEAR was basically J-Horror + John Woo bullet time + mech suit battles, and that ticked a lot of my boxes in one go. Condemned is still super tense and scary even now. Sitting in the dark playing that farmhouse level, following all the clue trails with the UV light, still one of the creepiest gaming experiences out there. 

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