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Author Topic: Several volumes of Mega and Ultimate collections for sale on eBay  (Read 398 times)

Eamonn Clarke

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Not for charity this time, just clearing shelf space for the book club instead.

The following volumes of the Ultimate collection:
Nemesis the Warlock vol 1
Nemesis the Warlock vol 2, two copies with both spine versions!
ABC Warriors 1
Nikolai Dante volumes 1 and 2
Rogue Trooper 1
Return of the King, Carlos Ezquerra Dredd volume
Robo-Hunter volume 1
Strontium Dog vol 1

And the Mega Collection volumes:
Undercover Brothers
Into the Undercity
Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood

All 99p starts, £2.90 second class P&P.
Next day dispatch from a 100% eBayer and boarder.