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Film & TV / Re: Alien covenant
« Last post by BPP on Today at 09:41:49 pm »
Dullest aliens movie ever with an action hero who looks like Susan Calman.

Still the fight on the lifter was decent.
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who - Series 10 (Spoilers)
« Last post by BPP on Today at 09:38:54 pm »
That was total bobbins.

Been a pretty great series until (except the assistant - rotten) but that was (1) cheap (let's all look at them looking at a special effect) (2) badly written (all the armies giving up based on a computer simulation and some watch tricks) and undercuts its own tension - let's face it if they can alter the Doctors physiology from a distance he's zero threat to them.

Still at least the 'next week' looked all V for Vendetta-ish fun.
Suggestions / Re: More Ampney Crucis Investigates?
« Last post by Taryn Tailz on Today at 09:29:25 pm »
I'm a huge fan of Ian Edginton's work, but he is perhaps guilty of trying to keep too many plates spinning at once. Granted, the Red Seas was wrapped up a while ago, but it's been, what...four years now since the last Ampney Crucis story appeared in the Prog; during which time Edginton has begun several new series such as Helium, Kingmaker, and (new to the prog) Scarlet Traces.
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who - Series 10 (Spoilers)
« Last post by Taryn Tailz on Today at 09:21:12 pm »
They're bloody pushing the midget agenda now. :P
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who - Series 10 (Spoilers)
« Last post by Modern Panther on Today at 08:58:50 pm »
C'mon Dougie...you had one job to do, man!  The hazmat suit and airlock doors are there for a reason!  I'm tired of this pro-incompetent scientist agenda being foisted upon us by the BBC.  This isn't why I pay my licence fee.
Creative Common / Re: Does my Art look big in this?
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 08:57:09 pm »
Well wow that's quite fantastic!
Prog / Re: Prog 2033: I am the resurrection
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 08:56:32 pm »
Its normally a good sign when the Prog threads are very quiet. It tends to mean that the comics are in good form and no one can be bothered to pop along simply to heap the same old praise week in, week out.

Give people a below par Prog and they'll kick up a shitstorm round these parts.

So judging by the recent attendance in this neck of the woods we're in rare old form and to be fair we are. Just wish people would take more time to come and acknowledge that.

This week we have a curious Dredd. Firstly great to have Mr McCarthy back on board, just glorious and I've been enjoying Eglington's Dredd's of late so you'd think this would be a winner. Strangely though something wasn't quite right. It was a fine opener and I'm looking forward to seeing more but possibly this felt a little stretched. As if the story idea didn't quite fit neatly into two, or three parts (whatever) and therefore some had to be padded. Nothing bad at all, in fact I really rather enjoyed the set up we're served, just felt it could have been leaner?

Defoe... is losing me ... it always does I guess, damn I got sucker in by the pretty visuals at the start of the story but found myself wondering whether we'd seen Defoe's family killed in the strip. I assume so, in a previous story but I simply can't bring myself to pay attention and this week that came crashing home.

Brink once again provides an absolute masterclass in how to move the story along quite superbly with eposition framed so wonderfully that you don't notice what's being done. Another conversation dominates the episode and so much is achieved by doing this. Just brilliant and it also subtly puts me on tender hooks with the least dramatic, very dramatic cliffhanger. Quite supremely executed comics.

Scarlet Traces ain't half bad either, sure its not on Brink levels but the exchange betweeenthingie (sorry I forget his name) and the Sargent from the first episode of this series on 2000ad (I assume if I remember correctly) is quite brilliant. To then be rounded off by the climax is quite something.

Deadworld hs done what Defoe fails to do series after series and utter won me over. This series has been streets ahead of the previous stories and I'm now utterly invested and hope to find time to go back and read what has gone before to see if it was me or it that missed things last time. Can't wait for this to return.

So yeah I know there's a telly show down the pipe in a couple of years and everyone wants to get a name check like want happened with the Dredd film but come on when the Progs this good surely we can all take too minutes to sing its praises?
Creative Common / Re: Does my Art look big in this?
« Last post by Fungus on Today at 08:45:48 pm »
Film & TV / Re: Doctor Who - Series 10 (Spoilers)
« Last post by Andy Lambert on Today at 08:39:17 pm »
Oh that was a belter of an episode! Proper enjoyed that - possibly the best of this series so far..!
Help! / Re: Aborted Judge Dredd comic in the 1980s
« Last post by JOE SOAP on Today at 08:25:46 pm »
Helltrekkers made it to full series in the prog. The Blockers was published in the first Judge Dredd Mega-Special and then reprinted in The Restricted Files Restricted Files 02. The original B.A.D. Company was eventually published in Megazine 4.15. One fully drawn episode of Badlander apparently exists but has yet to be published. Portions of Blood Cadet(s) may have been reformatted as a one page featurette in the 2000AD SCI-FI SPECIAL 1986.

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