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Off Topic / Re: Chuggers
« Last post by rogue69 on Today at 11:10:22 pm »
The worst thing about these people is that they don't even work for the charity they are getting you sign up for, they are employed by an outsourcing company that approaches the charities & for a percentage of the donations or a set fee they employ the chuggers to sign people up on the charities behalf collecting for 3or4 different charities in different areas a week. I saw an advert for people to do this & they were offering a salary of between £14,000-£18,000 a year to do this. I don't condone them for doing this for a living  as it can be seen in the same lines as the person on the street trying to get you to sign up to the AA, Sky or double glazing, it's the companies that are making a living from taking money away from the charities
General / Re: 2000 AD Art Stars Summer 2018 - Judge Dredd
« Last post by CrazyFoxMachine on Today at 10:56:44 pm »
Gilles Lemaire – Judge Dredd

A Star Wars one has been selling for a couple of years in Spain and France.

We may yet see it.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Greg M. on Today at 09:00:53 pm »
My Friend Dahmer (2018)

An adaptation of Derf Backderf's autobiographical comic about going to high-school with Jeffrey Dahmer. It's pretty faithful to said comic, though not nearly as good. The lack of Backderf's authorial voice robs it of quite the same sense of impending doom, though Ross Lynch does well as Dahmer, increasingly becoming a kind of human void as the film progresses. Almost everyone around Dahmer is monstrously selfish, using him as a pawn - the sole exception is his awkward but well-meaning father - and as such, you can feel sympathy for the boy, if not for the man he'll become. Not bad, but if you haven't read the comic, I'd recommend that instead.
Off Topic / Re: Stand out neighbours?
« Last post by Professor Bear on Today at 08:18:10 pm »
My downstairs neighbors are
1 - an ex-Forrin Legionnaire with some form of PTSD that prompts him to scream at his flatmate in a one-way conversation usually sparked off by minor things, which goes on for ages and one time I (carefully and quietly) left the flat as he was scream-talking at the other guy and as I exited the building, I met the other guy coming back from the pub, and
2 - the other guy, who smokes and drinks to cope with his nerves, because something puts him on edge - I guess I'll never find out what that thing might be - but he smokes only the stinkiest of weed, which I assume I have gotten used to over the years as one time my niece visited and was taken slightly ill from the brief exposure she had in the communal hallway.
Recent high points include neighbor #2 having to be carted off by an ambulance, and #1 deciding to have a barbecue in - for some reason - my back yard instead of his own, despite his back yard being an 8 by 4 stretch of concrete with a handy and pleasant bit of shade offered by a neighbor's tree, while my back yard is 3x4 of scrub ground currently 90% occupied by propane tanks.  I can see my yard clearly from the kitchen window so I had a great view of #2 walking down the garden path, through his own garden, into mine where he set up the barbecue right beside a large tank full of explosive gas, unfold a chair, put his head in his hands and burst into tears.  There's no fire escape in my flat, which I mention because both seem like the type to start a chip pan fire at 4am.
Off Topic / Re: Stand out neighbours?
« Last post by JamesC on Today at 08:08:18 pm »
My neighbour, who drinks cans of Heineken on his morning walk, lives on a canal barge and is called Al. Yes, of course his name is Can Al.  A grumpy old biker who curses everything around him but is incredibly decent and generous and would do anything to help you out when you're stuck, he is essentially Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.  (I have seen him complain bitterly about East Europeans, then a few days later cheerfully help my Lithuanian friends operate the canal locks while chatting away to then breezily.)

I also used to live in the flat above a girl called Mona - she lived there with her partner and indeed was a very, very loud moaner. Not the complaining type of moaning either.

Another Neighbours connection. Was her partner Craig MacLauglin who reached no.2 in the UK singles chart with ‘Mona’?
One partwork I would have liked to have seen, since we're seeing 2000AD, Dredd, and there's Star Trek, DC and Marvel ones out there as well as Batman was a Star Wars one.  I've only got a few graphic novels like The Emperors Hand and a few others, but I imagine that won't be happening.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by abelardsnazz on Today at 07:15:30 pm »
Sorcerer (40th Anniversary 4K Remaster)

Will Friedkin is rarely mentioned in the same sentence of other legendary directors of the 70's and 80's, despite having The Exorcist, The French Connection and To Live and Die in LA under his belt. THIS, however, is the movie that tips him into the master race of directors. Tense, gripping, and visually visceral yet stunning. The rope bridge sequence alone made my heart stop at least twice, my palms where sweaty and and my stomach was in knots.

A superb film, do yourself a fave and buy the blu-ray, well worth the investment.

Saw this for the first time recently, thought it was brilliant.

The 50 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen. The title isn't accurate, as I've seen 9 of the films discussed, but it's still entertaining enough as a pointer to films to check out if you're a fan of the genre.
General / Re: Top ten Dredds and top ten non-Dredd thrills
« Last post by abelardsnazz on Today at 07:08:13 pm »
1. The Apocalypse War. Informed the future of Dredd's world like nothing else.
2. Day of Chaos. Wagner's game-changer turned everything on its head.
3. Tour of Duty. Richly detailed and nuanced.
4. The Pit. Showing the human side of judges.
5. Necropolis. Showing the horror more than the humour of Death and co.
6. The Dead Man. John Ridgway's hugely atmospheric art and that twist.
7. Trifecta. A crazy drunken idea that worked brilliantly.
8. Blood of Emeralds arc. Dredd's future is in safe hands.
9. Oz. Supersurf 10 is as gripping as a real race. Brendan McCarthy's Judda are one of his all-time best designs.
10. Midnight Surfer. The illicit exhilaration is tangible.

1. Cradlegrave. You can feel the decay. Just brilliant.
2. Strontium Dog - Portrait of a Mutant. Seminal, universal story of fight against oppression.
3. Strontium Dog - Rage. And when that fight becomes darker and personal.
4. Devlin Waugh - Chasing Herod/Reign of Frogs/Sirius Rising arc. John Smith's imagination is boundless.
5. Anderson - Half-Life arc. Some of Arthur Ranson's panels could be on the walls of galleries.
6. Rogue Trooper - Cinnabar. The best original Rogue story, in my opinion.
7. Indigo Prime - Killing Time. Creators at the top of their game.
8. Brass Sun. INJ Culbard's precise art depicting the clockwork system and inhabitants with cinematic brilliance.
9. Slaine - The Books of Invasion. Clint Langley's widescreen images are something else.
10. Chopper - Song of the Surfer. A truly great character of Dredd's world, brilliant art by Colin MacNeil, a tragic ending...what's not to like?
I'm going to miss reading a fortnightly dose of Dreddworld stories, but looking forward to have a bit more time to read some other stuff. Going to give Dredd a bit of a rest after the final issue before planning a re-read.
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