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Announcements / Re: 2000 AD unveils its graphic novels for 2020
« on: 15 January, 2020, 11:18:38 PM »
So what did the Meg say that we could expect?

So far the only thing that I have seen confirmed is The Trigon Empire.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD unveils its graphic novels for 2020
« on: 13 January, 2020, 11:15:23 PM »
I wonder which ones will also get a limited edition hardcover?

Looking forward to what the Treasury Of British Comics will have to offer.

General / Re: Nemesis the Early Heresies
« on: 11 September, 2019, 05:57:38 PM »
The origional art has all since been sold to private collectors by the artists (I own 5 pages from Nemesis), and in the various transitions that 2000AD had made from company to company, the printing plates and files have all been lost.

Do you know that for sure? I know Rebellion inherited a substantial film archive when they bought 2000AD, because the late Stewart (WR Logan) Perkins took on the task of organising and cataloguing it for them. I'd be surprised if the negs for 'crown jewel' strips had gone AWOL, simply because they were more likely to have been kept together and used more frequently than, say, the ones for Dry Run.

The only Nemesis reprint I own is in the Case Files-style volume and now the Ultimate Collection, and I thought the repro in the Ultimate version was largely excellent — to the extent that I find it hard to imagine it was scanned from the prog or a reprint.

While the repro on books 1-3 of Nemesis is excellent, and on par with the Titan volumes, the 4th Book leaves a lot to be desired.

The reproduction in a lot of Rebellions collections is, quite frankly awful, particularly on the earlier stories. One horrific example is Father Earth, a story for which all details in Bollands work is lost, and some panels are so badly reproduced you simply can't see anything in them.

General / Re: Nemesis the Early Heresies
« on: 11 September, 2019, 01:33:45 PM »
Interesting to see how they compare. Were the Titan versions taken from the original artwork itself? If so, what happened to said artwork and does it still exist?

The reproduction for the Titan graphic novel collection where taken either directly from the origional art, or from the origional printing plates from IPC.

The origional art has all since been sold to private collectors by the artists (I own 5 pages from Nemesis), and in the various transitions that 2000AD had made from company to company, the printing plates and files have all been lost.

The majority of Rebellions reprints comes from scanning in either copies of 2000AD, or the Titan collections.

The Midnight Surfer
The Graveyard Shift
Blockmania / The Apocalypse War
Judge Death Lives
Pirates of the Black Atlantic
Cry of the Werewolf

News / Re: Mills/Ezquerra's Third World War Collection
« on: 08 July, 2019, 02:27:22 AM »
Why oh why oh why is this not Hardcover????????????????

Hoping that we get a limited edition hardcover.

Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« on: 01 April, 2019, 03:18:07 PM »
Really not a fan of the muddy artwork style in Hammer of the Warlocks, but that's maybe just me.

Will Realpolitik from Rogue Trooper be getting a reprint?  I've got the original 6 Rebellion books covering the original hunt for the traitor, then the books Re-Gene and Realpolitik.  Someone I know has the first 5 books but not Realpolitik.  If it's going to be reprinted in hardback form, I don't mind giving them it, same with The 86ers.

I own the origional art for the first page of this story, and have seen most of the other pages of art. The art itself has some amazing, vibrant colours as well as superb detailing, all of which where lost during reproduction.

IDW currently have the licence for Sonic The Hedgehog.

When they got the Star Trek licence, they reprinted all the old British stuff from the 1960's.

So if enough people contacted IDW and asked them to put out a collection of the UK Sonic comic (which I believe Mike McMahon worked on), I'm sure that they would consider it.

Thanks! Item sold much quicker than I imagined. Thanks for interest.

Bugger! Missed it!

I'd love to see complete reprints of The Spider and Rat Trap. Obviously, the Most Desired would be Doomlord- but I understand that's still under the control of the Dan Bloody Dare Corporation and unlikely to see print this side of the apocalypse (or Brexit, whichever comes first). A vote for The Driver here too.
Before all of that though, Sinister Dexter from the top, and complete.


Hibernia Comics still have copies of the collected Doomlord available.

The Dan Dare Corporation has liscened properties out to Rebellion, Hibernia and Titan in the past for reprints. Rebellion have so much material that they own the copyright to still to print, they probably have to interest in reprinting a liscenced property. But maybe Titan or Hibernia?

Hibernia have published softcover collections of The Tower King and House Of Daemon, but you'd have to check their website for availability.

A very limited print run of 200 that I sadly missed out on.

People mentioning the magazine floppies to me.

I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the flopies.

I am after a nice trade, preferably in hardback, that can then go nicely on my bookshelf.

I believe, If I remember correctly, Pat Mills said on his Twitter feed that both Crisis and Finn are getting a release from Rebellion somewhere down the line!  :thumbsup:


There are quite a few British strips that sadle have not been collected into trade editions. This is a list of the comics that I would most like to have a collected edition for on my bookshelf. Hopefully Rebellion or Titan can help fill in a few of these gaps:-

Mind Wars
This strip appeared in Starlord from issue two, and ran until the final issue of the comic with a firm conclusion (hence it not crossing over to 2000ad along with Starlord and RoBusters). I think had it appeared in 2000AD it would be considered a classic, and Jesus Redondo's standing with readers would be a lot strong. A strong, adult story for this sci-fi epic and some truly fantastic artwork by Redondo, the fact that Rebellion have not collected it yet seems rather odd. Apparently David Roach owns most of the origional artwork, so if he lets Rebellion scan it all in, a really fantastic collection could be produced.
Laser Eraser & Pressbutton
First appearing in Sounds Magazine drawn by Alan Moore (yes, that Alan Moore), before moving onto Warrior with Steve Dillon producing some of his best art ever, this strip written by Steve Moore is brilliant, and it's a crime that it's never been collected. Brian Bolland, Gary Leach and Cam Kennedy provided the art for the back up strips, Zirk and Ektryn. Given all that amazing talent involved, I'm astonished that this has never been collected as a trade.

Third World War
I would love to reread this just to see how it holds up in todays political climate. I think it actually may be even more relevant. Originally appearing in Crisis, and featuring some mouth wateringly beautiful painted art by Ezquerra, writer Pat Mills does lay on the political commentary with a trowel. It is also remarkable similar to Martha Washington, which Miller and Gibbons produced after.

Night Zero
A real fun generic dystopian sci-fi action yarn from film critic John Brosnan with some solid art by Kev Hopgood. I find it peculiar that this hasn't been collected by Rebellion.

A 12 issue DC comic written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, with art by Cam Kennedy. American readers just didn't get it, but I suspect that British fans would lap it up. A lot of ideas from Judge Dredd get recycled in this, but that still doesn't stop it from being a lot of fun. It apparently wasn't a success, hence DC never collecting it. Can't they licence it to Rebellion?

The New Statesmen
I remember finding the plot to this impenetrable when I read it in Crisis. I suspect it will all make a lot more sense if I was to read it again in a collected edition. 2000ad's attempt at a Watchmen style deconstruction of the Superhero genre, with and added political slant. Great painted artwork by Jim Baikie and the new comer Sean Phillips.

The Driver
A love it or loathe it strip that appeared in Toxic! from David Leach and Jeremy Banx. This strip made me laugh out loud, though the final pages brought a tear to my eye.

Time Quake
Very much a case of great plots and art wrecked by a dismal, two dimensional central character. Jim Blocker was every bit as awful as his name suggests, a low rent Bill Savage, but the stories, particularly the second featuring time travelling Nazis, where great. One of Starlords lesser strips, but if stuff like Turbo Jones can get a collected edition, then there is no excuse for Rebellion not putting this out.

The Tower King
I remember when the Eagle was relaunched in the eighties, I was excited from a new sci-fi comic from the publishers of 2000AD. Sadly it was pretty juvenile, with horrible fumetti photo strips. However, there was one brilliant strip, that could easily have featured in 2000AD, and that was the post apocalyptic tale, The Tower King. Always dependable art by the late, legendary artist Jose Ortiz.

No idea why this has never been collected, or reappeared in 2000ad. Pat Mills says he has many more stories for the character. The follow on from Third World War, Mills manager to not quite hit you on the head with the politics this time, and keeps his fantastic humour throughout.

Rogue Trooper: Friday
OK, this was a mess. A dull story from Dave Gibbons, and even worse scripts from Michael Fleisher. but the art from Will Simpson and Ron Smith is gorgeous, and for that alone I'd like a collected edition.

The House Of Daemon
This is one that I have never read, which I regret. I stopped reading Eagle once The Tower King finished, and as a result I missed this tale, from John Wagner, Alan Grant and Jose Ortiz (the team who would later give us The Thirteenth Floor). I don't know if it is good or bad, but a horror strip from that team certainly has my interest.

Dan Dare
The revamped Eagle version of Dan Dare was written by John Wagner, Alan Grant and among the artists where Ian Kennedy. I only have fuzzy memories of it. But given the talent behind it I'd love to read it again.

Rose O'Rion / Tyranny Rex /  Synnamon
None have enough material for a collection, but the three could be put together for a collected edition showcasing strong female heroines from 2000ad.

Strontium Dog
OK, this is already available. However, when the strip first appeared in Starlord it featured painted artwork. When the strip moved to 2000ad, for a period the comic was printed on better quality paper, again allowing for paited art on the tale Strontiym Dog Goes To Hell. This has been repeatedly printed in black and white. I'd love to see a collected, hardcover edition along the lines of the Mek Files, which retain the origional colour of the strip.

Nick Jolly: The Flying Highwayman
I have never read this, but it sounds utterly bonkers, and the perfect vehicle for Ron Smiths talents. A 17th century highway man is transported into the 1970's by aliens just for the hell of it, and given futuristic weapons and a flying robot horse to battle supervillains and get into scraps with the police. Add that Dave Gibbons was the fill in artist when Ron got behind, and this makes for a comic that I'd love to see.

News / Re: Rebellion buys TI Media archive
« on: 30 September, 2018, 03:57:20 PM »
Strips that I would love to see collected, and am curious if they are included:-

The Steel Claw
Jungle Robot / Robot Archie
Cursitor Doom
Janus Stark
Kelly's Eye
Mytek the Mighty

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