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Great Thread! Good advice, especially from the "Been there. done that" people.

Shane, you should probably draw all thirty pages of "MOON IN THE UNDERCITY" script on the submissions part of this site. It will show how good you are at story tlling etc and then I can sell the output as aDredd fanzoie.

Any advice as to what aspiring writers should do?

Come on people! We can cull the best of this thread and make a new page for the website (Diggle's advice is good but his line about "making all character speak in exactly the same ultimate I'm in a movie" cool tone of voice may be best avoided.)*

*Tips should point out that he's only read THE LOSERS: ANTE UP of Dig-L's recent output so this may not be true.

Not to bump my post up, but I wanted to thank PJ for his detailed response and I forgot.

Tips, I'll get right on it.

This thread will now die in 5 seconds...


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