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When did Tharg first tell us 'how to'?

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Quick couple of questions ...

Can anyone remember when that feature where the Gibson droid showed how he draws a strip first appeared? And was there a script equivilent?

Also, does anyone have a clue of when 2000AD first published its submissions guides?


It was in an annual. Can't remember the year though...


It was 1985, according to Mr Berridge, so many thanks to him for that. Plus, submissions guidelines first appeared in Prog 2000.


>It was in an annual. Can't remember the year though...

The script one was also in a annual. The showed how the first page of a Judge Dredd Cursed Earth went from script to finished article. Can't remember the year either

It was what inspired Garth Ennis to become a comics writer I seem to remember reading in a interview

Leigh S:
Wasnt it in the 1981 2000AD annual - it was the "Father Earth" storyline first page


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