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When did Tharg first tell us 'how to'?

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There was also a great one pager where Mick shows you how to pencil and ink a Dredd illo.

I read that Gibson one just last week. That was the 1st annual I got for Xmas and tuned me into 2K in the first place.

Funt Solo:
2K Annual 1982:
How To Draw Judge Dredd: 2 pages

2K Annual 1984:
Skizz - How He Came To Be: 3 pages
How A Cover Is Created - 2-4 pages

2K Annual 1985:
How The Dredd Was Drawn (Ian Gibson) - 4 pages

2K Yearbook 1992:
How To Draw Judge Dredd - 8 pages

2K Winter Special #7:
Art For Tharg's Sake: How To Draw For 2000AD - 5 pages

Prog 2001 / 2K Winter Special #8:
The Power Of Creation [submission guidelines]

W. R. Logan:
there have been a few, from script to page annual features by Bolland and Gibson and a how to draw Dredd by McMahon.

W. R. Logan:
>2K Annual 1982:
>How To Draw Judge Dredd: 2 pages


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