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I'm not sure how many of you are gamers but here goes. I just noticed that Mongoose Publishing will be producing 2000AD based RPG's. I have been Role-playing for 17 or 18 years now and I have never heard of this company, so I did a little digging. Turns out that they are a company which produces supplements for the, in my opinion, outdated and very cumbersome d20 system (the one used by AD&D) and plan to use this system for 2000 ad games.
I can't see 2000AD games being popular if this system is used. The only d20 based game I have ever seen at a role-playing convention is AD&D.
Rebellion would have been much better off talking to Steve Jackson games or White Wolf.
What do you think?

Actually, the best system is the one Marcus Rowland (who wrote some of the old JD RPG adventures) made up for Forgotten Futures. Say you use that (cos it's quick, dirty and heroic), add a few robots, aliens, mutations and psychic powers and invent a ThrillPower points system (so, you spend a ThrillPower Point and you succeed in something heroic, in a kind of 'gaze into the fist of dredd' kind of way, and you get them back at the end of the story, earning more by playing well) - Bob's your uncle.  Link: The Forgotten Futures Game system as shareware

I think id be more interested in playing a perp avoiding the law armed with a deadly d4 (the bane of palms, knees, elbows and feet all across the living room!)

I would have thought producing 2000AD RPGs was a bit old hat now computer games are as good as they are. Do people still use 20 sided dice & bits of paper to have a good time?

IMHO, RPGs are far better than computer games because they involve (encourage) social interaction.

I play Vampire the Masquerade on a weekly basis with friends I wouldn't see nearly as often otherwise. Most of the friends I keep in contact with from school and uni are the people I role-played with.



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