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Meg 431 - Badges of Honour

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Cover by Dave Taylor:

Cover and Logo:

Colin YNWA:
Decent Meg under a lovely cover.

Dredd a solid opener, not immediately up to Niemand's standard but lets see where it goes.

Megatropolis is the absolute highlight of the issue and right up with Niemand's usual standards. Action, intrigue and frankly quite stunningly good art. A wonderful tale, setting very robust foundations for more tales to come and we know we get more - so can't wait.

Mike Dowling gives astonishing art for Devlin Waugh, he just gets better and better and Ales Kot is building a fantastic long form tale that seems to be heading towards an exciting crescendo though these strong shorts. Looking forward to seeing this one develop.

Is that Star Scan meant to be Devlin? Its a good picture but ifs it is mr Waugh it utterly misses the mark alas.

Diamond Dogs again great art, this time by Warren Pleece the story defo has potential but lets see where it goes.

Deliverance cuts to the chase after a brief pause for reflection. Exciting but arguably a little weaker as a single episode as it cuts the creepy and unsettling for out and out gore and violence. Will work when the piece is a whole and certainly sets up a very exciting finale.

Texrt pieces are solid and the next part of the encyclopedia shows that no one planed the space for each entry well at all. I hope this get a more refined and planned second draft as it has such potential.

Here's a little look at a page from this month's Dredd, with a before/after of Ian's art and my colours.  :)

I'm struggling with Deliverance.  I'm finding it a bit disappointing.  Especially compared to the likes of Torture Garden, Dominion and Dark Justice.


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