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Prog 2282 - Out for Blood

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Colin YNWA:
Nice little Prog - to say we started the year with such a stella line-up, most of which has moved on and we still have a Prog of this quality is quite something!

Dredd turning into a really nice little story this. Love all the insights into what the Titan surgury does to folks. The idea of not being able to laugh is curiously chilling. All moving along at a good pace, but all with room to breathe and explore. Just brilliant stuff.

As is Hope love the way it plays with the way it presents its tale is fantastic and what a tale it tells as well. Superb

Brink well however good those strips are they ain't Brink. What a chilling episode after some nice relaxing intimate character moments the horror just hits home all the more. Just staggeringly good.

Dexter I mean this is good, good comics too. Dabnett has really upped his game on Bulletopia of late. I don't know if these current strips have been written knowing the change in format for this series (it has changed right?) and if so it shows. nice self contained (one assumes) tales built onto the ongoing premise but with space to do its own thing and here the horror set up of the first episode pays off in spades.

Fiends wraps things up really nicely thank you very much. That this is the 'weakest' strip here, as opposed to the best thing as it might well be in many a prog is testament to how good the Prog is at the moment.

Just a blister Prog and a lovely letterer from one of our finest to boot.

Leigh S:
Yeah, credit where it is due, a much better Prog for my tastes

Dredd is still a bit verbal, Fiends drfits further and further from any connection to GFD/CE original in my brain and Hope I need to start reading this run, but otherwise, all decent stuff!

Now all they need to do is sort out the subs ...

Cover by Tiernen Trevallion:

Cover and Logo:

Was a bit confused by the final panel of Fiends, should that be someone we recognise (i.e. from the extended Edgiverse)? It didn't ring any bells.


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