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Prog 2287: Grinders Keepers!

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--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 19 June, 2022, 11:23:54 PM ---Things go wrong in Skip Tracer and I realise in the final frame there’s a big reveal, but I’ve no idea who these people are.

--- End quote ---

I recognise Anime Girl from an earlier story but goodness knows who Pointy Ears is. It says a lot that despite running to so many episodes, Skip Tracer hasn't ever really managed to build a memorable supporting cast, further cementing it's position as a bit of a non-classic.

Colin YNWA:
Andy Clarke is certainly giving good cover at the moment. This one kinda reminds me of the stuff Cliff Robinson has been doing of late. Its a Dredd cover and the story itself is good fun and feels like Kenneth Niemand stretching some different muscles - which I think he referenced in a recent interview. Its a fun solid one off and nice to see a different tone. Niemand is so good with Dredd (and the other stuff). Also Nick Dyer art which is always a massive boon.

Hope creeps along, on all levels. good stuff.

Skip Tracer well its a decent episode again and I recognise the popstar from the previous story when Skip T was her bodyguard and I kinda get tingles about the other reveal, but nothing springs to mind. This is fine so far.

After however many John Tomlinson miss fires Kek-W shows have you can have an involved, twisting tale, make it frightening, shroud it in mystery and still have it make sense, have you care and make it hit home IN 4 PAGES! What an excellent Terror Tale and more from Kek-W like this - with great Warren Pleece art - this is the way these should be done.

Brink well its Brink isn't it. Another masterclass and I strongly suspect when read as one this will be even better - when read back to back with Book 1 even better again.

Looking forward to the Regened next week. They have been improving the hit rate of late and so I'm optimistic about what we'll get.

Leigh S:
Yeah, this is the sort of Dredd I would agree is closer to being a lost classic. Good stuff

I'm mainly here to ppint out that we have Hope stopping its porno for a week to allow the kids to read - hope they dont pick up next weeks!

Honestly, I just dont want this in my prog, and certainly not being the bread of a Regened sandwich.  Down with this sort of thing.

"Honestly, I just don't want this in my prog, and certainly not being the bread of a Regened sandwich.  Down with this sort of thing."

Whilst I can admire the craft on display from the creative team, I've got to agree with you Leigh.

The arrival of a Regened prog always makes me wonder what made all of the other issues "non-regeney". Last year, there was very little that would have stopped me sharing the prog with a youngster and that which was child-unfriendly always seemed unnecessary. Feral and Foe, for example, seemed like it had the potential to be the perfect all-ages strip - all it needed to do was drop the some "proper" swear words and a couple of wanking gags - neither of which felt essential to the tale it was telling.

At the moment it feels as if the regular prog and the regened prog are pulling in two different directions - both have their pluses and their minuses - and the prog that I want to read is one which falls somewhere in the middle. More than anything, I'd like a prog I can share with my son in the way that I shared the old prog with my Dad.

And before somebody says it - I know that tastes and trends have changed since the '70s and '80s but it still possible to do a prog that appeals to all ages.

Anyway, the other bits from today's prog...
Dredd - good stuff lifted by some great art by Nick Dyer - such an underrated artist.
Terror Tale - really nice - although, if I'm going to be consistent - were the severed fingers really necessary? The story was fine without that.
Skip Tracer - I quite like Skip Tracer. It remembers to have something cool happen each episode, it doesn't expect me to remember whole story arcs from years previous and the lead character isn't evil.
Brink - fine.

Is Indigo Prime for all ages? Cradlegrave? Anything by John Smith, for that matter? Dark Justice? Deadworld? Defoe? I think 2000AD would be poorer without them. And without Hope too.


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