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Sideshow Vote II: Like the desert needs the rain, I need you or not?

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So far, each issue of the regen prog we had a Cadet Dredd story. My personal feeling is that it has been a mix bag of stories. Do the regen need a Dredd to anchor the regen prog as well? Do the regen prog still need such a story?

Now my question is what should happen with the Cadet Dredd strip in the regen prog?
-   What a silly question we need our weekly Dredd fix even if is in a small package
-   Just drop the whole Cadet Dredd idea from the regen prog
-   Replace Cadet Dredd with a new character that will become the feature character of the regen issues
-   Maybe keep Cadet Dredd but not in each regen issue
-   Why not try Judge Dredd but just change the tone slightly?
-   Regen, regen never heard of this before

Colin YNWA:
Ohhh tricky question as I love some of the Cadet Dredd thrills, and think it works best when he's a counterpoint to Rico... but that's as a 50 year old man. Maybe the way to deal with the character, whose a stickler in a comic of rebellion is to go for a more mad cap action approach. So more Jamie Smart (if only it could be Jamie Smart!). So I guess I go.

Why not keep CADET Dredd but just change the tone slightly?


--- Quote from: Colin YNWA on 29 June, 2022, 06:22:02 AM ---Why not keep CADET Dredd but just change the tone slightly?

--- End quote ---

Good option added as a choice

Aaron A Aardvark:
Realistically, Dredd has to appear in 2000AD in some form.

In grown-up Dredd the man himself often takes the back seat, sometimes reduced to a few panels. Maybe the other cadets could get more page-time?

Keep CADET Dredd but just change the tone slightly

Yup, happy to keep Dredd but I think not only change the tone but also stick to him being a younger cadet - like under 11. And frankly, more in-Academy stories with classroom shenhaigans, and less mucking about with criminal sin the outside world. It's a side of Dreddworld we rarely ever see, and I think leaning into the brainwashing techniques that must go on could be super interesting.


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