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Tharg's Future Shop is OPEN!!

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Scojo, you're just jealous they didn't pick you to model them!
What next for the mighty Tharg?
Now we know he's into modelling will we be seeing him in a series of "specialist" films?
After all there must be a reason why he is called the "Mighty One"

A Bio-chip key ring!  How cool is that?

Er, actually, not cool at all, but by jingo I WANT ONE.


Actually the frightening thing is, it's Dom-1's body with Tharg's head superimposed.....

I know, I had to do the imposing....

I want (an thus may never get)...

A Dredd Fleece, probably Large, "You aren't a big man Paul, but you are out of shape." Michael Cane (no amusing comments around that potential pun trap please).  What size is large?  Silly question I know.

A set of keyrings, especially the biochip so I can ask it where it I've left it (ho ho).

A subscription with a nice X-Large Bolland t-shirt(sod the beeney's).

I'm pretty bloody broke, but I could spend the money I got at christmas for a new jacket on the fleece and get the rest for my birthday.

Well we could give him a royalty, but it would really piss off Henry Flint, cos it's his take on the Dark Judges that graces the t-shirt in question...


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