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I think the movie version of From Hell is as close as it can get seen as Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell are credited as having written the screenplay themselves!

Yeah, overall X-men was enjoayable but dumb.

My favorite scene was at the beginning in the Nazi camp.  It was quite funny really.  Yes, there is a superman, and he is jewish.

There's not much that can be said about watchmen that hasn't been said, but I hope the movie works.

I have to say that a V for Vendetta TV series made in Britain would be excellent.  Perhaps if watchmen does well the BBC could be presuaded.

Oh and then Halo Jones.

A few things:

Hayter's script for the X-Men made it slightly more than a big, dumb actioner: Batman and Robin is a prime example of what a movie based on trademarked characters, and *nothing else*, can look like. I'm not trying to argue that its Eisenstein, mind.

V For Vendetta has, apparently, been taken up by the Hughes brothers ("From Hell") for possible filming later.

Hayter's script for Watchmen has, of necessity, had to lose a *lot* of the book - all the pirate stuff, etc. is gone. Let's hope they make a better fist of it than Constantine, eh? And please, god, no Nic Cage...

How Hollywood can really GET IT WRONG #1:
The original Jon Peters (Batman series) -sanctioned script for Sandman: The Movie opened with a fistfight between Morpheus (in costume) and the Corinthian. Ouch.


2000AD Online:
Would a two-hour film really do 'Watchmen' any justice? I've always thought it would work better as 12-hour mini- (maxi-?!) series. And is the superhero element really necessary? Alan Moore has been quoted as saying the series could have been written with nary a mask and costume in it. Another problem: the politics of 'Watchmen', so inherent to the series, are very much a part of the mid-80s. Perhaps the film shouldn't be too reverent of its source material. The Real World doesn't care whether or not it's based on some dopey comic book.

i agree that the opener of the xmen was the high point. at that moment i honestly thought it was gonna be a good movie.

and yes, V would be a WAY better choice for moviedom. can't say i'm at ALL pleased about the idea of a watchmen movie.


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