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Can anyone tell me what's coming up in 2000ad and Judge Dredd Megazine? What's Sin City the new Dredd story about? When will the ABC warriors return? What coming up in prog 1280 and 1300? Come on Tharg just a little bit of news please.


Very little news gets put on this site, and we don't even know what's in next prog.  People are interested and although I'm sure the editorial staff are busy enough, someone should keep the site fuelled with news, comment and insight.

You've hit the nail on the head there PVS. I find I'm increasingly losing interest in the site & the comments that appear on this board. You've done well PVS in trying to inject new life into the board with your ideas (create a 2K character). Maybe a weekly editorial column from Tharg? Sneak previews, development news, upcoming merchandise & graphic novels? The site seems to have a large community around it now & needs more than the message board to keep me coming back day after day. How about some online games? Just so happens that I work for a company that develop them. Interested Oh Mighty One? Could send you some samples?


Robin Lees is working on a few online games but these things take time. I don't have the time or the java/flash skills to write games myself, but I'm willing to accept submissions from any fans who do.

Since I don't work from the Command Module itself, I'm not in a position to write news items myself. I occasionally pester Mark or Dom for something, but the main weekly dynamic of the site is the prog profile for the current prog (which I usually do on a Monday or Tuesday, when I get my subs copy)

It would be nice if CyberMatt and Alan could use this board to disclose teasers of forthcoming progs, etc, rather than such info having to come to the site via Dom/Mark and me.

Write to input and ask Tharg to make it so...

Before I comment, I have to say that the site has had a great start up, has been very well put together by wake and is indeed a very good thing.  The back prog and voting sections are great!  What there is is really good, we appreciate it is still in development, so it's just a few suggestions really.  No Rigellian hotshots please! (Grud knows I deserve one.  I wonder how much they hurt? well maybe not enough to find out.)

It does need some development though and largely because it could become a very vital part of the 2000AD community.  The engine I guess.  Or the liver! Choose your por simile :)  A chance to gather all those scattered fans together (and in the darkness bind them) as well as great place for lapsed fans to jump back on board.

Okay, say a lapsed fan, george, has just on a whim decided to look up Judge Dredd for old times sake.  He finds the site.  What does he find?  Well a noticeboard discussing stories or storylines he doesn't understand.  When he goes to look up the prog he gets some moderatly interesting snippets on the latest prog and if he is lucky, a bit of an article on it.  But he still doesn't understand what is going on with 200AD.  George isn't stupid, he can see it's changed andd it's difficult for him to see if it will appeal to him.  He then logs off and probably doesn't come back.  

The website could be treated a lot like those prog 2000's which provide great jumping on points.  Visiting the site should mean that you could jump on any time.  This means that you could have a section for absentees that give you almost magazine style features about current strips and give you evertyhing you need to understand the charcters and storylines and get something out of that strip, a paragraph given over to what has happened in each episode of a strip before (and character storylines they may have missed) and even linking that to some sample online stories that will clue them up.

For existing readers there could be more news, interviews, development (and basically everything Matt has just said).

How about some of those silly pole's that always appear on websites (which 2000AD character has the best gun, tick one) you know what I mean.  Or organising some chat events with artists.

How many other people who use the boards look at the letters page anymore?  It is good, but maybe a few Tharg posted threads would keep it healthy.  There is often quite a few people on the site but there is only a handful of people who seem to post (20-30?) admittedly that may because of people like me who have swamped the board and put people off (Er... sorry, I hope to get a life soon)

Anyway as I said, I appreciate that the site is constantly developing and improving thanks to Wake and it is just a few comments on what else could be done and that the site should be seen as an extension of the comic.


(Really sorry for going on so long, honest)


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