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To work best, this site should be the true centre of the 2000ad's online presence. At the moment though, if you want first hand news, gossip, whatever, you'd be better off logging on to the newsgroup.

At the moment this place feels more like a damn good fan site than an official site (see quote below).

"the main weekly dynamic of the site is the prog profile for the current prog (which I usually do on a Monday or Tuesday, when I get my subs copy) "

2000AD Online:
Speaking as one of the lapsed, I have to say this site, rather than 2000 AD itself, has been far more instrumental in rekindling my interest in the comic.

Yeah Stu, me too, it is like standing on the fire escape at school and talking about 2000AD during the breaks.  It took me from the occasional buyer for the last two years to a regular buyer.

I have to say, I would be really interested in an article which describes what goes on in a Nerve Centre over a week.  I don't think many readers appreciate the work involved.  We only see five strips in a magazine It doesn't look that hard...

:) Okay i'm just joshing, but that would be a great site feature.  I think people would really like to know what goes on.  Obviously Tharg probably doesn't have time for such indulgences.

Providing a place to discuss 2000AD is way down the list of what this site is about. That niche is already filled by the newsgroup and the Yahoo groups.

I see this site as an overlay of an official site and a fan site.

In it's capacity as an official site, it advertises major 2000AD events, gathers email addresses, encourages people to subscribe and now has a shop. These are the aspects which are worth money. When Rebellion want something on the site, they let me know and I do it. If they could make more use of this board for short news items, then that would be great (easier for me, plus it would look better if more droids were seen to be posting, as opposed to using pseudonyms)

In it's capacity as a fan site, I put up stuff that I would want to see. The credit data, the downloads, the profiles, etc. I usually tell Rebellion what I've done, or what I'm working on, rather than the other way around.

This second aspect is made better by contributions from other fans. Obviously Barny's Cover Story was what got the site going, in combination with an Excel workbook of story credits and some stuff from my fan site. This site wouldn't contain nearly as much material as it does if it didn't have this fansite aspect.

In order to tell you what's in next week's prog, Tharg would have to tell me. I'm not prepared to pester him every week for something like that.

I like the idea of "a day in the life of an editorial droid" but it's too soon to ask CyberMatt to do it, so it would either have to be Andy or wait a few months.


Hi Wake

Yes, I understand the reality of these things.  It wasn't really a criticism of the site, which to me looks better than any fan site I've seen, i.e. it doesn't look like a fan site, but more a discussion of things that people wanted which basically boiled down to input from the higher realms.  Again, reality intrudes and people putting together a weekly comic probably don't have the time to create material for a website.

"In it's capacity as an official site, it advertises major 2000AD events, gathers email addresses, encourages people to subscribe and now has a shop. These are the aspects which are worth money."

Well, those are the money making sections, but they aren't what brings people in are they?  The features you've added on the back progs, the message boards and all the rest do that.  THEN people go to the money bits.  Perhaps if the site made enough money the site may be viewed differently.

I thought the message board 'had' provided people with a place to discuss 2000AD, I appreciate as far as it goes, it is just a chattering entity that nobody pays any serious attention to.  Fair enough, people enjoy it.

As for droids, well if they used there proper names they would probably find the comments here a lot less harsh and uncritical.  I suppose that isn't always a good thing.  When I said droid chats though I eman along the lines of those ones that the BBC runs.

Anyway, I'll head off I think we are having a parrallel discussion here, I agree with everything you say and have done so far and appreciate that you have fitted more into a part time job than many would manage in a full time one.



p.s.  As it's something you could deliver, can we have some of those little voting poll's that you see at the site of web pages?


Who is the most evil villain in 2000AD?


Then you tick one and it takes you to the results and you see what everyone else has voted for.  Silly things on websites but I enjoy them.


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