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Board Competition - Redesign Judge Dredd

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Mr D:
The Task:

Ok, we all know who I'm talking about. He's one of the most popular characters in 2000AD - but let's face it, he was designed in the 70s! I'm SURE that you could improve him....
We're looking for overall look for the most part, but things that you'd change with his world to go with your new look Dredd will be a handy bonus!
Either written or drawn entries will be accepted! Give it a go!

The Prizes:

There will be 5 prizes - I'll let you know what they are soon - of various quality. The only one I can confirm before this evening when I get home is Top Ten Book 1.

The Closing Date:

This comp is going to run for a month to let everyone have a bash, and to try and make sure as few people as possible miss it! So the closing date is the 11th March 2004. Noon.

Have fun!

Ha ha!

I'll definitely enter.

I may even buy Crayola crayons just to draw him.

Well done, Dribbler!

- Trout

ooh, this is going to be fun... :)

pete: Your dredd looks a bit tin-ny!

Mr D:
A quick word on the judging too - I'll be doing it! So don't worry if a lot of people say that they don't like your entry as much as *insert other entry here* - I probably will....


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