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Devons Daddy:
Come up with a beginning, middle and an end
this is the wagner for dredd method.

As soon as you begin, and even if you have only a vague idea,
the garth ennis and mark millar for dredd method.

If all else fails buy a glove puppet and start talking to it
the this guys going to be a huge succesful writer who people like alan moore ask for advice from you know method.

sadly i lack the talent to manage the high standards set by the other posters here.but there are some damn great scripts on this site by boarders , which may giude you a bit.

You could try buying aphone with a camera and taking blurry pictures of beer bottles, puddles, your feet etc...

Jared Katooie:
Think of one idea for your story to center around and come up with a logical beginning middle and end. Add detail and (what I can never do) write it all down as a story.

Mr D:
I'm not doing a short story, but I did the following:

Got a few intelligent mates, and explained the idea. Had a HUGE brainstorming session, taking piles of notes. Later I sifted through the notes and worked out from them what I did and din't like. I then came up with a bare bones plot based on that material. It altered a bit, but it's still basically the same.
Then I started to write, having chosen a specific point at which the story should open.

I was surprised at how the story actually came to life and filled in the blanks on it's own. Characters have taken on a life of their own. A support character who was supposed to be killed off might end up living now because I've grown rather fond of him...

Mr C:
Once you get a few ideas on paper, be sure to get out the knife and cut off any crap bits. Remember, if an idea or character or any other part of your story doesn't sit well with you, it wont sit well with the reader.



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