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Its here! The Design-a-Baddie Competition!!

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Well, youve read my jibber-jabber and its finally here!

Rules are as follows:-

1. ALL types of entry are allowed. Text descriptions, drawings, photographs, astral projections, etc...

2. Multiple entries (fnarr!) are allowed, and encouraged!

3. Competition ends at midnight april 30th.

4. After much thought and deliberation, i have decided that the baddie can be for ANY ESTABLISHED 2000AD SERIES! By established, i mean anything that has run for 2 or more series. ( However, if a series STARTS its second run whilst the comp's running, then it will become fair game. )

Any questions, post em and i'll try to sort it out!

Prizes are as follows...

Slaine - The Complete Horned God (paperback)
Sinister Dexter - Gun Lovin' Criminals (paperback)
Daily Star Judge Dredd Collection 5 - featuring 'Fat City'
Dredd Vs Lobo - Booby prize!!
Original run of Dredd novels - titles TBA

And courtesy of that top fella DxB...

Judge Dredd - Helter Skelter.

Judging will probably be carried out in the same fashion as the 'Redesign Dredd' comp', and my word shall be final.

Now, lets see them ideas....!



There should be some brief desription of the baddies plan/motives, as this will be one of the things I'll be using to judge entries that are for different strips equally.

If you get what i mean...!

My entry is a single word:


- Trout

Yeah, but what are your evil plans? And who's your arch-rival?

Oh, wait a minute, its Bou isnt it?

So, yep! I can accept that! Official entry number one!

(Assuming Bou's had a second series, of course!) ;p


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