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Its here! The Design-a-Baddie Competition!!

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Jared Katooie:

There is a place...

a place of darkness...

where all that is wrong and bad collects...

there he lies, stronger every day...

When a dimension warp expirement goes awry a gateway is opened to a second deadworld. In a dimension where all life everywhere was wiped out for spite one being reigns supreme.

Crossing the portal into Dredds world he seizes his forst host and the killing begins. With no purpose other than to destroy, the monster stalks mega city by night to find his victims.

None can survive for noone can destroy...


esoteric ed:
Okay then... I'll have to have a stab at this again... not enough hours in the day :-(


10/1 on Ed choosing a giant shark...


esoteric ed:
No sharks No sharks lol, any sign of one from me and you're all allowed to spank me with a wet kipper :-)


Ladies and gentlemen, I can promise you a nemesis the likes of which our comic heroes have never seen before... yes, my wife, the lovely Dudlette, has given notice of her intetion to enter this comptition...  God help us all....

Oh, two sugars, please, love...


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