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News / Re: New 2000 AD creators blog
« Last post by sheridan on Today at 06:08:38 pm »
Have I got a post for you!
Way back in the early days of ther blog I had a go at answering this very question...


And the answer is either Carlos or Ron Smith, depending on wether or not you count the Daily Star Dredd (I generally don't in my opverall counts), and how much an episode of that is 'worth' compared to an episode of Dredd in the Prog/Meg. (And yes, I do count Crisis, as well as Starlord and Tornado.)

In terms of overall art contributions to the Prog, it's definitely Carlos, with a current count of 1,059 progs/Megs. 2nd to him is still Massimo Belardinelli, with 490, even though his last Prog was decades ago now! Nearest of the current active artists to chase that figure is Steve Yeowell, currently up to 439 Progs/Megs.

I am intrigued that although 2000AD has long been and continues to champion new British artists (a good thing for sure!), it's two Europeans who are by some margin the Prog's longest-serving heroes.

Thanks, that matched the general consensus.
Help! / Re: Music file format question
« Last post by sheridan on Today at 06:07:31 pm »
I have been using Audiograbber for years.

It will rip to loads of different formats but I rip to WAV and MP3 on  a Windows system.
It rips the CD to WAV and then encodes to MP3. I keep the WAV so I have an uncompressed version of the song and the compressed MP3.

Simple to use and run also has a button to link to FreeDB to get the song details and can read CD-TEXT from the CD and such.

When I am ripping Vinyl I rip to FLAC and MP3. Mainly due to the software I use for that (Audacity)

Good luck with it all.

Yeah, I used to use audiograbber when I used Windows (tend to use Rhythmbox now).
General / Re: Judge Armitage
« Last post by Richard on Today at 05:56:10 pm »
Armitage is technically a Detective Inspector rather than Judge proper,

He's a Judge-Inspector but he's in plain clothes.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Tiplodocus on Today at 05:37:49 pm »
I like Kilmer ever since TOMBSTONE and THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS.

I LOVE YOU MAN. A romantic comedy that follows the tropes of a romantic comedy exactly but, because it's a bromance, kinda  works and feels a bit different. But it isn't really.
General / Re: New 2000AD Binding from Prog 1
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 05:15:54 pm »
Any chance of a shot of an open volume, to see the end papers? Those all look very nice!
General / Re: New 2000AD Binding from Prog 1
« Last post by matty_ae on Today at 04:59:30 pm »
Had six more volumes done taking me up to 1981.
Sorry to duplicate if you've seen this on FB

Things I've learned

1. You pay less if you take out the staples yourself
2. Postage is fixed so send as many as you can
3. If you ask for double end papers it stops the covers getting tacked onto the front page
4. Hollingsworth & Moss are technically perfect. I couldn't spot a flaw in 9 books
5. Progs 110 - 127 are so much shorter they do require their own volume
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by SIP on Today at 04:25:55 pm »
Heat. Thats certainly grand.3 hours.Michael Mann.An all-star cast(and Val Kilmer).

Heat is a fantastic film. On my rewatch list soon I think.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Smith on Today at 04:15:23 pm »
Heat. Thats certainly grand.3 hours.Michael Mann.An all-star cast(and Val Kilmer).
Another reqüest kinda - Bubblegum Crisis/Bubblegum Crash

Your videos have a professional sheen to them. Don't be put off making videos, you have a real knack for it!
Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 03:28:58 pm »
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