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General / Re: No October Art Comp?
« Last post by Dash Decent on Today at 08:47:11 pm »
Could we just make up a theme and have an unofficial art comp?
Off Topic / Re: My Amazing R2-D2 Build Thread
« Last post by hippynumber1 on Today at 08:36:50 pm »
Crikey! I've really neglected this thread, haven't I? Sorry folks, I'll try to catch you up as quickly as possible but I think I'm some forty-odd photos behind... Anyways, continuing with the head-dome:

image by Mark Spencer, on Flickr

image by Mark Spencer, on Flickr

image by Mark Spencer, on Flickr
Events / Re: Wimbledon Comic Art Festival
« Last post by David Broughton on Today at 07:49:47 pm »
Brilliant! Glad it went well! Coming back next year, I hope!

Thanks DrJomster, if it is back next year I'd love to be there.  I think FREE entry comics art festivals are the way to go.  :D
Film & TV / Re: Justice League 2017
« Last post by JamesC on Today at 07:29:17 pm »
Pleasantly surprised - I really enjoyed that.

My girlfriend found much humour in the fact that Superman had been buried with a picture of Kevin Costner. It did seem quite funny out of context.
Off Topic / Re: Wot I Ate On My Holidays
« Last post by Buttonman on Today at 07:16:43 pm »
In the hotel sports bar again - well it was free.

These ribs were immense practically a steak's worth of meat on each of the 3 doublers that comprised the portion. The skinny chips were a bit lost in the meat frenzy but I did like the ubiquitous Jack Daniels sauce.

If that wasn't enough colon clogging here's me in the hotel dining room with a nice steak. It was probably a different night but Imigur is in charge of the photo ordering.

I was a bit cautious going in but the meat was good quality and the lady cooking the steaks let you have a look at the innards before you claimed it so you had the desired level of bloodiness. I also have on my plate creamy mash, grilled chilies and chips as is required by Scottish law.
General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by Colin YNWA on Today at 07:00:15 pm »

I am expecting a big reaction from Fox on the turn of events in Block Mania that should be coming up on Monday

Yeah I'm really looking forward to this one. Keep on keeping on chaps this podcast continues to be an absolute joy. Can't thank you enough for keeping it going.
General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by SpaceSpinner2000 on Today at 06:18:33 pm »
Dudes - the Daily Dredds - ‘not missing much’...!?!  :o

You DEFINITELY need to get your hands on a copy of volume one and review it!

Lol, at least in terms of storyline effects on the main progs. There's so much stuff that's either part of or adjacent to the 2000AD canon that at some point you've got to prioritize some parts. I'm definitely going to check out the daily Dredds, but unfortunately we definitely don't have time to cover them as part of our regular Space Spinner coverage :(
Film & TV / Re: Red Dwarf XII
« Last post by Woolly on Today at 05:58:32 pm »
Never understood this obsession Doug seems to have with a live show for Red Dwarf - ISTR he wanted to do something similar when writing Back To Earth, but decided to keep it TV only (which is the best option IMO).

Fun as it would be to see the lads in the flesh, I really can't see it working on stage.
Games / Re: The Board Game Thread
« Last post by radiator on Today at 05:56:14 pm »
I went to a launch event here in Portland last night for a game called Illimat that was co-created by one of my favourite bands The Decemberists.

Been playing this for a few nights now. It's essentially the old 'cassino' card game but with a few twists. The rules aren't *super* clear to begin with, but an hour on YouTube later and we realised we'd been playing it right. Better with more than two people, but a lot of fun. Certainly showed me how shoddy my basic arithmetic skills are.

Nice! Did you back the Kickstarter? I found the game very confusing to start with, luckily we had a guy on hand to walk us through it and play a few rounds, which is always 1000% better than just reading the rulebook.

It was also a little hard to concentrate as well, given that I also got to briefly meet several members of my favourite band - the last time I can remember feeling that starstruck and awkward was probably meeting John, Carlos, Karl and Alex at the Dredd screening.  :D.

It's such a beautiful game and doesn't really look like anything else I've seen before. I think if you were to play in a pub or bar it would turn a lot of heads.

reports haven't actually been all that positive about it

Huh, I wondered what the word on this was... Was sorely tempted to place an order, but maybe not. Seems like Dead of Winter might be a more rewarding for a great game with a similar theme to The Thing?

Haven't checked in a while - also been recently playing a lot of One Night Ultimate Werewolf and the expansion Daybreak, which we've just introduced to a load of new people, Kingdomino (a light, easy to learn Carcassonne-ish tile game) and Bears Vs Babies (quite a low-scoring game and not as immediate or accessible as Exploding Kittens, but still really fun).
General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by shaolin_monkey on Today at 05:09:16 pm »
Dudes - the Daily Dredds - ‘not missing much’...!?!  :o

You DEFINITELY need to get your hands on a copy of volume one and review it!
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