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Prog / Re: PROG 2111 - Welcome to the Thrill-Party!
« Last post by Frank on Today at 09:40:31 pm »

I never want to see Chris Weston's art sullied by superfluous colour again.

What's the point?  This is the best strip art he's ever created for Tharg.

Chip in when you like. Or wait to see if someone has to skip a day for whatever reason OR wait for Chrimbo eve when there's a free for all... basically whatever you want!
Creative Common / Kickstarter advice
« Last post by clavell on Today at 08:34:23 pm »

Can anyone share their experiences with Kickstarter - or any other crowdfunding sites ?
I'm putting something together, and I'd like to know what I'm getting into.
Thanks in advance.

- C
Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« Last post by Apestrife on Today at 08:19:47 pm »
Other than it being a bit too wordy (like one or two words too much) at times, I really liked this one. Continues what the first one started and goes all out from there. Really feels like Batman is loosing it in this one, and Constantine is having a ball narrating it. Azzarello really does a really good job making humans more horrifying than monsters. One scene in particular stood out, which I found refreshingly effective (since it's usually played for laughs). The ending was also very fascinating to me, how it manages to make violence look really scary even without going very far with things. Both a bit that it comes from a very dark place, and a detail which does a good bit of foreshadowing. Writing aside. Lee Bermejo's art... It could easily serve as a reason alone to buy this book. Cannot praise it enough. Marvelous stuff.

Sons of El Topo Vol. 1: Cain
Comic book sequel to Jodorowsky's El Topo, with Ladronn helping Alejandro putting his story into pictures. And it's really good. Takes place where the movie left off, in a way I think works well for both readers who's seen the movie as well as those who haven't. Has the classic (or perhaps it's typical) Jodo-stuff of bad people in black, good white, cruel violence and rape, but also some very beautiful scenes. Especially one involving puppetry. I cannot wait for the next part to come out.

The Metabaron Vol. 3: The Meta-Guardianess and the Techno-Baron
The new Metabaron story is by Jodorowsky, but written by Jerry Frissen. I think Jerry does a good job, but it's not as tight as Alejandro would plot it. Most notably a bit less eccentric, which I kind of felt fit the story. Has a couple of twists and turns and some tragedy towards the end, which ends on an interesting note. I just wish some of the characters from vol 1-2 came to better use. But all and all, a good read. Just wish it was a bit more insane.
Help! / Re: Can the FX in the prequel Star Wars be in 4K?
« Last post by Steve Green on Today at 07:37:37 pm »
What Joe said - technically they could go back and re-render some shots, but the live action plates still wouldn't be anywhere near 4K.
Off Topic / Re: I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Prog
« Last post by Funt Solo on Today at 07:21:32 pm »
The Quark Knight Rises
Winter's Bones: He's Dead, Jim!
10 The Things I Hate About You
50 First Daleks
Bender's Game
A River Song Runs Through It
Gorn With The Wind
Off Topic / Re: Threadjacking!
« Last post by von Boom on Today at 07:16:05 pm »
Help! / Re: Can the FX in the prequel Star Wars be in 4K?
« Last post by JOE SOAP on Today at 07:06:34 pm »
Would they render it all out again?

There are very few, if any, big films that currently render out 4k FX and I'd say very few will ever, or for the foreseeable, re-render their FX as it's too expensive.

The problem with both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith is that, unlike The Phantom Menace being shot on 35mm film, the films themselves were both shot 1080p and matted to 2.39: 1, so they can never be truly 4k, or even reach true 2k – so it's upscale all the way.

Creative Common / Re: What Are The The Prices For Lettering?
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 06:15:47 pm »
And that's that. May as well head over to the JBF...
Creative Common / Re: What Are The The Prices For Lettering?
« Last post by Jim_Campbell on Today at 05:39:58 pm »
Jim, my apologies about my earlier post, I didn't take the time to appreciate that proper letterers are available to take on this task or the subtleties involved as was answering as if it were just a tip for small press types. Egg all over my face.

Fuck you, Bamforth!

(Naah. It's fine. Apology much appreciated. Think no more of it…)
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