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Books & Comics / Re: Whats everyone reading?
« Last post by Apestrife on Today at 08:24:21 am »
Read Em and Weep: Goodnight, John-boy.

Had as much fun reading this one as the first one. I'm amazed it manages to continue everything (which was a lot) Serial killer set up. Everything from the thing for fur to hiding teachings how to kill people in a comic. Very much looking forward to where things head in the upcoming Grim reader.

Hope Pat continues to write full length novels after he's finished Read em and weep.
Classifieds / Judge Dredd Mega Collection for Sale - Leeds
« Last post by JaHawkDroid on Today at 07:38:08 am »
Hey there, looking to sell my Dredd Mega Collection. Volumes 1 - 67. Available for Collection from Leeds. Open to offers
Film & TV / Re: Black Mirror Season 4
« Last post by JOE SOAP on Today at 02:29:06 am »
But creating a digital copy of somebody which has that person’s memories and personality, from their DNA, is straight-up bad-science fiction. You could get away with it in Dr Who (in fact, they have: but still a bit silly) but in Black Mirror it just didn’t feel right.

That’s the thing about Black Mirror, it’s really more of a horror show than science fiction. It’s central premise of people and technology can result in bad things - emphasis on bad - is the one note it constantly hits but it’s very well made so the leaps it takes don’t really matter that much as long as it moves the story and the characters along to the next thrill, tense moment or revelation.
Prog / Re: Prog 2065 - Snow Escape
« Last post by A.Cow on Today at 01:30:15 am »
Love the use of the Volganaya (and I'm guessing Ekranonplan but I don't remember that as clearly).

Loved that Volgnaya reference, too.  Brought back memories of Kevin O'Neill's artwork from those old Ro-Busters "memoir" stories.

Ekranoplan might sound familiar because it's the name of a real Russian "plane".
Megazine / Re: Meg 392 - Dredd vs Death
« Last post by Trout on Today at 12:48:01 am »
Picked up the Meg for the first time in a while, out of interest in Movieverse Death. I enjoyed it a lot. Plenty of other good stuff in there, too, especially the lead Dredd story. I'll probably be back for more next month.
Prog / Re: Prog 2065 - Snow Escape
« Last post by Richard on Today at 12:36:33 am »
When you're tired of 2000AD, you're tired of life.

I think this week we may have been given the answer to why Thrax and the others are still alive -- it isn't really them, they're just imposters, only more convincing than the guy who admits he's an imposter.

I don't think there's anything of Bill Savage in either of Hammerstein's or Ro-Jaws's personalities. But I do enjoy the links between the two series.

I liked the bit when the guy in Dredd got his head squished.
News / Re: Planet Replicas Dark Judge pin set and 1:1 Mortis badge
« Last post by Steve Green on 20 January, 2018, 11:32:11 pm »
Only for Johnny Alpha and his doohickies!
News / Re: Planet Replicas Dark Judge pin set and 1:1 Mortis badge
« Last post by SpaceSpinner2000 on 20 January, 2018, 11:26:57 pm »
No need to apologize! I follow Planet Replicas on social media so I'd been planning on getting them already, I just though I had more time :D
Prog / Re: Prog 2065 - Snow Escape
« Last post by Andy Lambert on 20 January, 2018, 10:35:06 pm »
Sadly, I'm not into this current line-up of stories. Apart from Judge Dredd, I'm finding everything else to be a bit... meh. Even The ABC Warriors isn't grabbing me much. I realise I missed out a lot during my many years away from 2000 AD so there's likely to be a lot that doesn't make sense to me, but having caught up on The Mek Files, I found the earlier stuff to be much more engaging.
This is only my second exposure to Brass Sun so again, I've missed a lot of important stuff which may be why it's only just keeping my interest,
I'm no fan of Bad Company and Savage and have stopped reading them altogether.

After the recent Indigo Prime, Outlier, etc, I'm struggling to stick with the Prog, and if it wasn't for Judge Dredd, I'd have probably stopped buying again by now.

Sorry for sounding so downbeat - just wanted to express how I've been feeling about the prog lately.
News / Re: Planet Replicas Dark Judge pin set and 1:1 Mortis badge
« Last post by Steve Green on 20 January, 2018, 10:12:09 pm »
Aw man they're already sold out! Hopefully the Dark Judges pins will get a second batch. I had to wait a while to get my BioChip pins but it was worth the wait.

Yeah, apologies - Dan has said that a second run will probably be about a month (I think) same as the biochips, but Chinese New Year might delay things, hard to say.
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