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Does My Figure look big in this?

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The Gronk is looking set to take over Bounty Hunting from Strontium Dog! Excellent work.

Trooper McFad:

--- Quote from: IAMTHESYSTEM on 05 May, 2022, 08:26:46 PM ---The Gronk is looking set to take over Bounty Hunting from Strontium Dog! Excellent work.

--- End quote ---

Thanks- he is rather lonely though so I will need to give him a pal (or SD) but not sure who - I’m not doing Jonny but a McNulty or Wulf would be a good challenge eventually

Trooper McFad:
Well it’s a couple of days late but here’s my latest attempt at brining another tooth character into the 3D world.
This one as per my Gronk attempt was entirely made out of skulpty (apart from the filler for the gap’s when I put him together)
I also used the flexible part of a little clip on lamp for his arms which gives interest in posing him differently now and again.
I’ve enjoyed playing with sculpty and will go back to it but I must finish my next 12 inch character which I’ve been adding to,carving and sanding into shape off and on for 8 months now 😳.
Hopefully when you squint your eyes he’s recognisable as Dredd’s pain in the arse Walter the Wobot.


Trooper McFad

Darren Stephens:
Walters looking amazing, McFad!

Your thread is my first port of call when visiting this forum.

The Gronk and Walter, superb, as is the Jaroo. Glad to see you took a punt on using Skulpey, it’s such a  versatile material.
Best of all you can rework your sculpture as much as you like until you’re happy it. What's more unlike Milliput there is no time restraint, just cover it in Clingfilm and you can work on your piece over a few days.
Great idea adding flexible arms to Walter, and you have captured the personality
of the Gronk perfectly.

How about some start to finish pics of your creations, would be great to see
your methods and progress as your project works to completion.
Anyway as you asked so nicely to see other creations, here’s another one of my past pieces.

Which was sculpted from scratch using Sculpey.


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