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Prog / Re: Prog 2058 - A Frosty Reception
« Last post by Mattofthespurs on Today at 02:57:13 pm »
No prog at the Mat-Cave today  :(

Add to the fact that my beloved Spurs didn't turn up for the North London Derby and this weekend has been a bit shit so far.

Could get worse. Off to see Justice League tomorrow.
Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« Last post by Pegasus P Artichoke on Today at 02:39:01 pm »
Malcolm Young founding member of AC/DC has passed away

Rock legend
General / Re: No October Art Comp?
« Last post by Dash Decent on Today at 02:29:38 pm »
I was going to post a theme but with under two weeks to December I think all the creative people are probably focusing on getting their Advent entries done.
Off Topic / Re: My Amazing R2-D2 Build Thread
« Last post by hippynumber1 on Today at 01:25:16 pm »
Cheers DrRocka. Nice to know it's appreciated.

Microphone housing:

image by Mark Spencer, on Flickr

image by Mark Spencer, on Flickr
« Last post by Professor Bear on Today at 01:13:05 pm »
Most recent ep was nowhere near as bad, though this was inevitable given what it had to follow.

The latest pulls off a neat trick that Family Guy has done a couple of times: the main plot follows so many familiar tropes that the viewer has too many options to reliably guess what twist the writer will eventually settle upon (I presume they usually go for the most unrewarding twist because that's what the viewer will least expect).
Interesting to see the same tropes and problems as Star Trek Discovery cropping up (particularly killing off main characters/destroying the ship tipping the writer's hand), yet one of the two gets a free pass - although I'm used to seeing that precarious double standard in these days of nostalgia-led reboots*, and look forward to seeing the Lost In Space relaunch's gnarly 21st century reinvention of the original's communist carrot uprising.

* "The Force Awakens does everything right that The Phantom Menace does wrong!"
Prog / Re: Prog 2058 - A Frosty Reception
« Last post by Eamonn Clarke on Today at 01:06:42 pm »

Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague
Prog / Prog 2058 - A Frosty Reception
« Last post by A.Cow on Today at 12:44:59 pm »
Cover -- Wow.  Cliff Robinson delivers the goods again.

Nerve Centre -- Woah!?? What's this week's Damage Report on about?  Could it be a sly hint that Rebellion are doing a high-quality digitisation of the full 2000 AD archive?  If so, I'd gleefully pay a subscription for that.  Sign me up now.  Where do I send my bank details?

Dredd -- Now THAT'S how you write six pages of pretty much nothing happening.  Take note Mr Slaine.

Slaine -- So the last few progs have just been a "what-if" tease?  This strip is descending into self-parody.

Absalom -- Good solid stuff.

Tharg's 3rillers -- Blimey.  I really enjoyed that.  Tightly-plotted with impeccable logic.  Looking forward to part 2.  Good work from Mr Robson.

Indigo Prime -- I hope somebody is enjoying this because I ain't.  Dumping seven pages at us in one go with a "to be continued"?  The vitriolic cynic in me suggests that Mr W has grown tired of aping JSmith's "random word generator" style dialogue.

All-in-all, despite Slaine & IP, a great prog this week.
Prog / Re: Prog 2057 - A Witch in Time
« Last post by Andy Lambert on Today at 12:08:15 pm »
This is the first Indigo Prime I've come across, and I thought having no previous exposure to it was the reason why I'm struggling to follow it, so it comes as some relief to find that longer term readers are struggling with it themselves and it's not just me.
General / Re: No October Art Comp?
« Last post by Andy Lambert on Today at 11:51:48 am »
I would be surprised if it's down to any licensing issues... surely we'd be told not to continue at all if that were the case, but instead the contributions to this thread alone were highlighted on the facebook page.

I believe it's down to the reduced interest in the competitions themselves. There has sadly been fewer submissions than there used to be, possibly because of other things getting in people's way preventing them from setting time aside to contribute anything. Look at the calendar sign-up - it's usually filled pretty quickly, with names overlapping on some days, but here we are on the 18th November with slots still to be taken.
I'm sure I've heard somewhere that for the competitions to continue, there had to be more interest in it. If it does start up again, in whatever format, there needs to be more contributions from us.
Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 11:41:55 am »
Cheers guys. The ro-busters hardback is on sale or do I search for a copy of the phone book version. Decisions decisions.
The phone book I have is on crap paper. The hardbacks have colour spreads and much better production values. At the moment, you can get the phonebook second-hand for about the price of one of the hardbacks. Personally, I'd rather have the hardbacks. (Note that if you want to save a few quid, Wordery currently has the second one at a low price, too.)
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