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When it comes to music everybody has to start somewhere and we don't always have the most sophisticated tastes when we are younger, so I would like to know -

What was the first single or album you bought versus the first single or album you admit to buying?

For example the first 7" single I actually bought with my own pocket money at the age of 12 was:
Arnee and the Terminators - I'll Be Back (a parody song from Radio 1 DJ Steve Wright)

Whereas the first single (on cassette) I tell everybody I bought at the age of 14 is:
Guns N' Roses - Ain't It Fun (from their punk covers album The Spaghetti Incident)

Anybody else?

Ancient Otter:
First album bought I believe was Mansun - Attack of the Gray Lantern on cassette. Still like that album but not as much as their second album Six which I freaking love to bits!

The first album I can remember purchasing myself is 'Bad' by Michael Jackson.

The first single I owned was a Christmas present from my brother (10 years senior). It was 'Toy Dolls' with the seminal classic 'Nellie the Elephant'. I still own it to this day*


*the first single I had was really 'Bachelor Boy' by the Perma-tanned God botherer Cliff Richard. It was on Floppy vinyl, and yes I still own it.


The first single I had bought for me was Summer Nights from the Grease soundtrack. The first single I bought myself was Green Door by Shakin Stevens - my Dad made me go up to the counter and pay for it myself, but I didn't want to, and went all shy when the guy at the till spoke to me. I think the next single I actually bought myself was Renegade Master by Wildchild, so the Shaky incident proved to be a moment of primal childhood trauma.

Elton john  "i'm still standing"  with my top ten offer from clarks commando's shoes!


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