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The Dredd Head drawing thread!

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Darren Stephens:
Just a bit of fun. There have been so many different interpretations of old Joe over the years and every Squaxx that likes to draw has sketched a quick Dredd from time to time. It's only natural. He's sort of my "go to" character for sketching when my brain wants to warm up it's art lobe! So, here are a few Dredd heads I've drawn. Now post yours! Weather it be phone doodle or fully rendered masterpiece!

So, "you ready? You look ready."  :D

Lovely stuff Darren. I will post some stuff up later on when I can access my home pc.

Third Estate Ned:
I'm looking forward to trying this but if you're as crap at drawing as me you may need some guidance material:

A quick search threw up a few of these videos and this is the one I liked the best and it's the shortest. If it's anyone from this board, nice one.

Now, less talk, more pics.


Neil McClements:
A very Flintish Dredd head I did a while back for Bat King.


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