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Crudest possible top-of-my head estimate puts Dredd (including America, Dead Man, annuals, specials etc. but excluding Heavy Metal Dredd, DC & IDW Dredd and Movie Dredd) at about 15,000 pages, based on the first 20 years of 350 pages a year plus 20 years of maybe 450 pages a year (800x20 minus 1,000 pages for errors in my figures = 15,000).  Divide that by maximum page count (250) and you get 60 fat volumes. 

It's tricky to guesstimate how much Dredd in the MC volumes so far, since some Dredd volumes have non-Dredd in them in, and other non-Dredd volumes have Dredd stories, but say 40?  And not all of those at the maximum page count either, so maybe 9,000 pages done, leaving 6,000 to do. 

So maybe another 25 volumes of pure Dredd (beyond Issue 75: Weird Science) would do the lot? 

Any advance from more numerate/database-enabled boarders?

EDIT: Just realised that the Megazine has been going a lot longer than I thought, plus forgot its fortnightly period, so my estimates are way too low.  But I leave the correction to others!
Announcements / Re: Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection discussion thread
« Last post by EDazzling on Today at 08:53:04 am »
Figuring that it is a day's work and only an insane pertain would do it. Probably need another few hundred books?
Announcements / Re: 2000 AD - The Ultimate Collection
« Last post by EDazzling on Today at 08:51:29 am »
I canceled my subscription last week but £20 just disappeared from my account, what's people's experience of getting money back from Hachette?
Same here.
Which, I assume everyone realises, was my point.

Although if I hadn't followed the link the text could equally have applied to Nardole, who also exceeded expectations.
I get to watch the matches on TV but it's not the same.

Sorry to take this off on a tangent but no Spurs fan I've asked has ever been able to answer. What's with "Live! From White Hart Lane!" when the Spurs ground isn't actually on White Hart Lane?

Whilst it's not actually on White Hart Lane it's the name that was adopted by the brewery that owned the plot of land that used to be a nursery. Often directions to farmers in the late 1800's was White Hart Lane as there was nothing around the area at the time and the nursery, and then obviously the stadium that was built there, was clearly visible as it's only a couple of hundred yards away. It's actually on the High Road but in those days there wasn't a High road to mention of. The name stuck as the years went by and will when the new stadium is finished despite what it maybe called. The new stadium will actually be a 100 yards closer to White Hart Lane than the old one was.

I finally got to go to a game on Sunday and what a game it was. A triumphant return! Dad still in hospital but hopefully coming out today or tomorrow.  :D
Rory was my favourite...

Aye, Rory was great. Really the modern companions have generally been good, even if their story arcs have dragged them to irritatingly mawkish places (Rose Tyler, I'm looking at you).
Creative Common / Re: Inktober
« Last post by Fungus on Today at 07:43:27 am »
Sure is - Nao is such a fantastic book. Maybe there's a quiz in all this :-)
This isn't news, though, is it? It was leaked months ago.
« Last post by Wiggz on Today at 07:18:46 am »
Zenith_3 - RESERVED
General / Re: 2000AD Lego builds
« Last post by ming on Today at 07:00:59 am »
"Who the Hell's gonna dismantle us?!"

Ha! Quite!  I'll see how long these sit around for; they're very popular with the boys but I doubt they'll all remain intact by the end of the year... Of all the stuff I / we've built over the past three years or so, only Dr. Feeleygood and the original Ro-Jaws remain (plus the odd fatty).

Those are superb. If I get the time, I'm going to have to have a crack at building these in stud.io.

That would be great; let me know (here or p.m.) if I can help - I can break down figures where necessary, but here are a few more shots in the meantime...  The curvy front side pieces on the underside of Alpha's helmet are held on with white-tack (:-[) since I couldn't find a workaround and it looked better that way (to me, at least).  Discussions with Feliks led to us both bemoaning the fact that Lego don't do tiles with studs on both sides; the missus suggested white-tack so we went with that.

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