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Games / State of Decay
« on: 27 July, 2013, 11:06:15 pm »
Anyone on here tried state of decay game off xbox live, can highly recommend it. Its an open world 3d game with the emphasis being on gathering supplies and making safe outpost from which to explore further. The zombies are fast and agile and take some killing. If you think the walking dead then you are not far from the set up . :)

General / Gutted Dredd failed in America
« on: 02 October, 2012, 09:30:17 pm »
I am heartbroken this film did not capture the hearts of our American cousins as it should have.I saw it 4 times and got better with every viewing.If all films were made to this high standard we would be spoilt for choice but sadly this is not the case.
I for one think Mr Urban deserves a second chance of playing  Dredd  as his performance was outstanding, and the dedication put into promoting the film bar none.I only hope that it has made some more Americans aware of this great publication which I have read from prog 1.
The chance of getting a sequel are slim and what Alex garland outlined for them seemed truly great I only hope
I am proven wrong.Is it me or do you come away from watching it craving more , not many films do that.Even my wife who hates these sort of films was taken on my last outing and came away loving the film and wanting to see more(she thinks Karl rocks).

Welcome to the board / first post , HI
« on: 10 September, 2012, 08:01:52 pm »
HI everyone names Ian been following all the threads on here for last year or two and has kept me entertained and amused so well done to you all.Have read 2000ad since prog 1 and am now collecting all the judge dredd case files as all my comics are tucked up in boxes in the loft since moving 5 years ago and being told by my wife im getting too old to have them lying around the house ( im 43 just in case your wondering).Just been to see dredd 3d AMAZING film and credit to all involved and a pat on the back goaty and co for getting there names put in it (did try to spot them all in the film but was drawn in by story and karls performance so much kept forgetting to look for them ,ill save that for second viewing) I still get the megazine and 2000ad now and again when funds permit just too look at the artwork second to none in my opinion, anyhow just thought it was about time i stopped staying in the back ground and introduced myself so a big Hi to everyone!

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