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Bit of a rush job there for both Klingons and Voke. I would maybe have preferred the resolution took as much time and sweat as the mirror verse excursion.
Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by The Legendary Shark on Today at 09:14:49 pm »
The Big Lebowski. Gets better every time I watch it, man. It's kinda' like that whole, er, cinema fantasy, er, you know, man, new things come to light and there's lots of ins and lots of outs and, yeah, you dig?

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by radiator on Today at 09:02:55 pm »

Was hopeful for this thanks to the involvement of Garth Jennings, who I like a lot. Unfortunately, the offbeat sensibilities and boundless visual imagination present in his classic music video output are almost entirely absent in Sing, which is about as broad and bland an animated feature as you could imagine. The soundtrack is largely on the nose with very few surprising choices - and anything remotely interesting gets cut off within a few seconds in maddening ADHD fashion, and sad to say the humour is incredibly weak, and I can't imagine anything in it amusing anyone over the age of 8.
I remember a particularly bad one where a young lad gets his feet cut off by a train. The policeman knocked on the door and, holding up the lads football boots, says to the mother "He won't be needing these any more!". Dark stuff!


I wasn't familiar with that one so just youtubed it - it's the narrator who says that - the copper says "They asked me to bring you these" (not sure who they are, or why they would want him to bring them to the mother before she's even seen her boy lying in hospital...)
Suggestions / Re: A DC crossover
« Last post by Robo-K33F on Today at 06:50:15 pm »
That part is obvious.I was trying to say they seem open to weird crossovers.

Quite - and that’s because of the obvious.
1970s public information films - the second one is really scary, but for completely different reasons to when it was produced*...

*the clue is 1970s
Annuals and Specials 1989.

I'm throwing these together as I actually think the Specials are better than the annuals this year. Don't think that's ever been the case before?

The annuals have a lot of filler, and while not at all bad as filler goes it does means that you don't get a great deal of bang for your book. The 2000ad Annual probably scraps it over the Dredd annual, okay so Moonrunners rolls its pointless way in we get fun Dredds and Andersons and the text stuff is pretty strong too. The highlight of the Dredd Annual is clearly Arthur Ranson's art, but to be honest it polishes an average John Wagner Dredd and this rest of the new strip are fine, but nothing more. Oh it has some excellent reprints, but you know its reprints.

Now the Specials on the other hand each have one stella strip each. I really enjoy the Sumo story in Dredd and in the 2000ad its the fantastic, and emotionally charged Judge Corey strip, with stunning MIke Austin art (as is his turn in the Dredd special too). Its a wonderful strip and a powerful read with a real impact. The rest of the new strip, well Moonrunners aside, in both are really good. Okay it took me a while to realise the art on the Ratty's son story was Kev Walker, man does his stuff develop but the Tyranny Rex story is another favourite. Actually there's barely a mis-step in the 2000ad special its all good stuff, I also have fond memories of the Crime Blitz game as well!

So yeah the Specials actually did feel special for once and the annuals, well they did what they do every year.
Film & TV / Re: Black Panther - Please add your review
« Last post by JamesC on Today at 06:06:24 pm »
Kang the Conqueror would be good to see.

I’ve always wanted to see Mysterio in a Spidey film and there’s loads of cinematic potential for him. I’d also like to see Puma, who would help with diversifying the MCU a bit as well as being a really interesting under used character.
Suggestions / Re: A DC crossover
« Last post by Smith on Today at 05:24:51 pm »
That part is obvious.I was trying to say they seem open to weird crossovers.
General / Re: Looking for Pre-Street Judge Info...
« Last post by K2 on Today at 05:20:43 pm »
No offense taken. To be clear, I have no intention in warning newcomers off “our” territory, and I’d ordinarily be happy to educate and encourage them. But I just don’t see the point of someone setting out to write a story which deliberately contradicts Origins even though it’s about the main character from Origins and all the events shown in that story. Fans of Judge Dredd won’t want to read it, because John Wagner’s story is the definitive “canon.” (Wagner is the writer who created Judge Dredd and who had written the majority of the most important stories over the last 40 years.) If you want people to read it, then read Origins and then fit your story around what has already been established instead. Or invent your own universe and protagonist, and then people won’t begin the story with their own preconceptions about what it should be like.

Ditto, no offense taken, and thank you for the link!

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