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Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« Last post by Mardroid on Today at 04:30:57 am »
Crimson Peak

I found it rather predictable, but it was enjoyable, well acted, looked sumptuous, and the ghosts looked pretty freaky.

What's with Del Toro film ghosts having evaporating blood, though? Not that I dislike the effect, it's just the second film where I've seen this.

Also,why is it that in these films, ghosts who actually care enough to return with a warning for their loved ones,  do it in a scary way? I get that they maybe can't help their corpse-like appearance and gratey voices but can't they just say "Hello dear, don't be scared it's just your old mother. I know I look a bit peaky, and forgive the raspy voice. Dying of the black cholera* will do that for you, and throat lozenges literally go through me. I just wanted to warn you not to go to Crimson Peak."

Instead, old mother ghost wiggles the door handle violently, then when her daughter goes to check, she screeches at her from the end of the hall. When asked what she wants to say, the ghost lunges through the door and grabs her instead of just... you know... telling her. That doesn't even include what she did on her first visit to her ten year old daughter, she was waving her arms about in an eerie way, then grabbing her daughters shoulder suddenly...

Okay, I suppose the real reason is because it's a horror story and supposed to be scary and to add a bit of misdirection. I guess an In-world reason is that the trauma of their death twists their minds and they come back wonky. But even so... 

*or whatever it was
News / Re: Strong Start to 2018
« Last post by glassstanley on Today at 01:00:51 am »
Incidentally, I don't think there was anything cynical about the revival at all, it seemed like a very sincere attempt to do something that acknowledged Brett Ewin's legacy by two loyal friends.

Actually, I think you’re right on this. I’d forgotten the timing of this. I was letting my disappointment with the series colour my thinking. I remember meeting Rufus at the Prog 2000 signing in Eastbourne and he was keen to point out how he’d based a character on Brett. He didn’t know why there were so many resurrections either!
General / Re: Something Rogue Troopery in the offing?
« Last post by Mardroid on Today at 12:42:17 am »
I did play the original on the ps2, and thoroughly enjoyed it, although I never got beyond the train level.

Strongly tempted to go next gen to get this version*. It's not the only reason, but it's a strong motivator. I use the PS3 at the moment, and while I do like games I don't play them very often. I use it mainly for watching TV via Netflix and the like or watching DVDs/Blu-ray. I got the ps2 mainly for DVD support, and PS3 for blu-ray. * The new consoles have confused my choices as it's the Xbox that comes with the next gen super HD whiz drive... and I'm reticent about Microsoft products.... And the Xbox One X is really expensive! A very impressive machine though.

The Nintendo Switch is a lovely gadget... but I don't find the games appealing for some reason.

* So why didn't I get just a dedicated player of either? Well, back when I bought the first gen ps2 DVD players were much more expensive, and the console was a pretty reasonable alternative. This wasn't so much the case when I got the PS3 as I got it pretty late plumping for the super slim version. I think t here were cheaper blu-ray players by then, but the PS3 was still great value with the added capabilities. And I like the fact I can game when I want to.
Possibly my last aborted entry, don't remember the subject.

'So, Nemesis will be cool. If I do it all painty it'll be great!'
Hm - nah.

Pretty livid about the F-word. Really disappointing. Trump, Brexit – Star Trek represents and allows a brief sojourn into utopia. I don't want it to reflect the real world, I want it to project the future, the brilliant potential of the human race.

Another thing I can't enjoy. Thanks for that.
Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« Last post by Tiplodocus on 16 October, 2017, 11:46:02 pm »
Just finished breath of the wild. I may have left it too long because I was ridiculously overpowered when taking out Ganon. My first Lynel was tougher.
« Last post by Tiplodocus on 16 October, 2017, 11:43:53 pm »
Really liked that. Better ensemble feel. And playful is exactly the way to describe the swearing. It was an f-tickle rather than an f-bomb.
Games / Re: Nintendo Switch
« Last post by Zenith 666 on 16 October, 2017, 11:26:52 pm »
Money well spent.Zelda is just amazing.
Prog / Re: Prog 2053 - Leap of Wraith!
« Last post by The Enigmatic Dr X on 16 October, 2017, 10:43:50 pm »
Specifically, I think it lacked depth - it was very flat -  and was taken aback at a swoosh line being used to show motion.
Prog / Re: Prog 2053 - Leap of Wraith!
« Last post by The Enigmatic Dr X on 16 October, 2017, 10:42:50 pm »
I'd have been disappointed to see that Dredd art in Zarjaz.
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