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Off Topic / Re: RIPs
« Last post by Richard on Today at 03:03:53 pm »
Kofi Annan, 80.
General / Re: Dredd actually being human
« Last post by Richard on Today at 02:53:08 pm »
His reaction to Morphy's death.
It's two moments actually. When I started writing this post, I was thinking of when he's watching Morphy's body being taken away by the meat wagon, and he's reflecting on their friendship. One of the best episodes ever.
But I've also just remembered his initial rage. Dredd is frequently angry, but it doesn't often lead him into breaking the law, and this was a rare lapse of his characteristic stoicism and devotion to duty, leading to a very dramatic moment or two (and a good moment for Kraken too).
Prog / Re: Prog 2095 In the Eyes of the Law
« Last post by Richard on Today at 02:21:17 pm »
The shit is probably going to hit the fan pretty soon in Grey Area, since the characters' respective paths are converging already.
Prog / Prog 2095 In the Eyes of the Law
« Last post by McNulty on Today at 02:13:38 pm »
Hello all. Another Saturday and another Prog for me.

Dredd: Plot threads from the past are being used in this return of the Sons of Booth story. In especially the last panel, I took a sharp intake of breath. Just imagine the possibilities of this organisation with the Stupid Gun in their possession.

The Order get weirder by the episode making it more difficult to follow the overall story. The introduction of good wurms in the last book is being developed more in this book and even Anna Kohl is showing more sympathy for them.

The 3riller builds up to a gruesome end by this episode. It reminds me of Stargate SG-1.

Mechastoheles is starting to grow on me: Demons versus mechademon? What's not to like/

Grey Area: After last week's revelation about Kymn and Bitch, I wonder how long it will be before the ETC team learn of this.

All in all, an enjoyable Prog with Dredd's set up for his new story being my favourite.
Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« Last post by Hawkmumbler on Today at 01:48:28 pm »
Alas no, looking into it KoG is one of the more prominent titles tied up in the legal battle between ITV and Sky over the rights to former TVS titles. It's unlikely to see a home video release anytime soon.

And good on Mrs. Tordels! More love for RoS can only be good (and maybe get the 2006-2009 series 2 and 3 on blu-ray, pretty please BBC/Network?)....
General / Re: Dredd actually being human
« Last post by IndigoPrime on Today at 01:31:32 pm »
Bury My Knee At Wounded Heart's a good one for getting the emotions running.
And the very Dredd moment right at the end, where after his doing the right bit by the citizen, he then of course does the right thing by the law.
Film Discussion / Re: Judge Blankface.
« Last post by CrazyFoxMachine on Today at 01:26:20 pm »
Lord Judge Flashheart for James Feist (DarkJimbo that is)

General / Re: McCarthy Dredd in (virtual) real life...
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 01:24:15 pm »
That McCarthy can design, that's for sure. Lovely work Steve, not sure you need much more practice though!
General / Re: Dredd actually being human
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 01:08:31 pm »
Though 'The Satanist' is not a great story, "I need to get to know her now." is a great moment.

It's a rare case of Wagner asleep at the wheel, that's for sure: two separate scenes of Dredd breaking his chains in the same story, dear Grud. But I do enjoy Dredd instantly dismissing the Pasternak ghost tricks, the chance of a trip to Brit-Cit, and as Greg says, the bit at the end.
Film & TV / Re: Current TV Boxset Addiction
« Last post by TordelBack on Today at 12:50:58 pm »
Yeah, long live the Knights of God!  I know it had a conclusion, but always felt like it was only getting started, and rather hampered by its unexciting Songs-of-Praise title.  Patrick Troughton's last work too, wasn't it?  It's not available anywhere, is it?

KoG always reminded me of another post-apocalyptic quasi-Arthurian thing, a short series of kids' novels, where Winchester was (again) the capital of England, and machine guns held the balance of power.  I can see the armoured lad on the cover, but not the title!

Told the missus about the Robin of Sherwood Blu-Ray, and it's already been ordered!  A geeky wife is a joy forever.
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