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Author Topic: Everyone has an opinion...  (Read 1342 times)

mark xiii

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Everyone has an opinion...
« on: 24 January, 2002, 05:20:55 pm »
*Steps out of the shadows*

Firstly, congratulations to Wake on the new arrival!

I just thought I'd offer my opinions on recent progs and some comments made on this board.

Recent progs have been... interesting. I think that sums it up IMHO.

Does this weeks Dredd sow the seeds of Joe's demise? It's good to see a more reflective side to the character, especially given his 'age'. I'm looking forward to 'Leaving Rowdy Yates' but I just hope that the whole Dredd replacement arc will not leave us dissapointed - after all, does anyone really WANT to see Joe off the streets? Continuity of time lines etc. should be considered but I'd rather see it ignored than ruin, IMO, the best part of 2Kad.

Storming Heaven - Hmmm. Style over content? Very good looking artwork (as always) from Irving. I like the contrast between the good guys' 'eyegasm' and the subdued style given to the Charles Manson-alike especially the pencils in last weeks part. As for the story itself... A lot of you will know my opinion of Rennie's work, and that has not been changed by SH. It seems once again the artwork is carrying the story - in fact I find myself re-reading it and still wondering where the story was! I'm sure all will be made clearer in the coming weeks... I hope so, I WANT to like this one.

Shakara - I'm confused. I'm confused as to whether I actually like Flint's artwork or not - his filler pages for Helter Skelter were fantastic, but this just doesnt do it for me. I loved his take on Nemesis but hated Sancho Panzer. The jury is out on that one. I'm also confused about the story, and given the 'Unknown Lifeform' description thats possibly the point of the story, however, I will be skipping Shakara if I dont see some rhyme or reason to it pretty sharpish! Having said that, I did enjoy this weeks part - great story telling!

Bad Company - LOVE IT! I've not read the old stories and was a bit reluctant to read something that I know nothing of the backstory (of which there is lots!), but this grabbed me from the first instalment. Top writing, and art that fits the mood too (space raiders anyone? *crunch crunch*).

Dante - Fun story, great to see Simon Frazer back too. Cant wait for 1280.

I'll just mention Chris Blythe before I stop this overly long post. His work is getting better and better - Is Mark XIII actually saying he LIKES computer colouring?! Yup. And his Future Shock was quite entertaining too.

Right, thats it! Im going to do some work for a change.


Oh yeah, hands up who's going to the bash?

Me, Me, ME ME!!