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Funt Solo:
The Megazine's 2000 AD Encyclopedia probably has a few mistakes. Figured I'd jot them down here when I notice them.

 - The first Banzai Battalion story runs from 1135-1137
 - For Oola, Blint, the notable appearances section has skipped Christmas With The Blints from Xmas-prog 2005.

Funt Solo:
Inferno, supplemental information:

 - Whatever Happened to Giant is Meg 216, reprinted in the M388 supplement. [Current printing has 214, 288.]

Funt Solo:
Joe Black Adventure, A: his first story is Trail and Error. Barney has this wrong as well. (There's an irony here.)

Funt Solo:
Logan, Judge lists Harvey as a notable appearance, but I don't see Logan in Harvey. (Unless he's inside the mech - hurr hurr.)

Funt Solo:
Lord Weird Slough Feg, The - it's just Time Killer. No "The".


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